Sunday, July 21, 2013


By Juan Montoya
Even though the horse owned by Luis Saenz was scratched from it s race because of a last-moment glitch involving the track's new veterinarian, horse racing is alive and well at Retama Park in Selma, near San Antonio.
Saenz had planned to enter his horse in one of the night's races but when he wasn't there to deal with the new track veterinarian in person and only the horse trainer was available, the vet left and couldn't be found once Saenz arrived from Brownsville.
That disappointment was short lived however, after some therapy at the Saltgrass Steak House.
This particular steak house is legendary. 
The Saltgrass legend goes "back to the 1800s, when millions of Longhorns roamed freely throughout Texas. With the taste for beef becoming a new-found favorite in the North, Texas ranchers prospered as never before."
According to the narrative on the  menus, "Each winter the Longhorn were driven to the Texas Gulf Coast to graze on the rich coastal salt grass. And when they headed for market, they followed the legendary Salt Grass Trail, known far and wide for creating the best beef in the Lone Star State."
It's hard for the uninitiated to distinguish between the steaks of cattle fed on regular grass or saltgrass, but the steaks were not only big, but tasty when chargrilled by the house's cooks.
We didn't get to see Saenz's pony tear up the track, but the steaks and the talk spiced up the weekend.


Dags said...

Salt Grass is a chain, menso. You'll find one in every big city. Better is the Longjorn Steakhouse or Fleming's in Austin. Vince Young has a top-rated steakhouse in the capital city, but they have adress code so you could never get in with your Southmost jeans. LOL!!!


Winston Smith said...

Saenz is as much a thug as Whitey Herzog. He rains tyranny, chains, fines and cages on any other gangs gambling operations and sees no moral fault with the Statists games of chance. Looking forward to his indictment and destruction by his fellow Statist gangbangers.

Anonymous said...

El pendejo de Zeke nunca sale del rancho. It is no wonder he is so impressed with a stupid restaurant. Bien naco el bizco.

Anonymous said...

So, while DA Luis Saenz raids 8-liners here and arrests the citizens who are in attendance, he participates in the "Sport of Kings" where even more money is waged, won, lost from illegal betting. Saenz is a DICK and a judicial hypocrite.

Anonymous said...

Looks like they are having a good time. Having friends is healthy and people are just jealous of other peoples good times. Mr. Saenz is a Certified in TX as a horse trainer. He has beautiful horses and so do many other horse lovers. People just need to quit hating. Way to go Juan. I hope you had a great time...

Anonymous said...

AnonymousJuly 23, 2013 at 12:28 PM

Bobby Whitman just likes to get people in trouble. He has no information other than posting and sharing articles from the Brownsville Herald dating back from 1994. He likes to post theories and watch people fight each other. He thinks that what he writes is truth and it is anything but the truth. No one in Brownsville trusts him to tell him anything. The moment you give him something you become his slave and he will tear you up the day you don't give him what he wants. Such is what he is doing with Melissa Zamora. Her big mistake was giving him some information to get him off her back and now that she has stopped he is has created some type of conspiracy between Zeke and Melissa. Zeke on the other hand is playing Bobby his way. Zeke was Luis campaign manager and Bobby was supporting Masso. Luis Won Masso lost. Knowing Zeke that post was to get a reaction from Bobby and upset him. Looks like the one that got played was BWC. Now everyone knows that Brownsvillevoice is nothing but lies and he is an instigator without merit.

Anonymous said...

NO seas lambiscon Juan. I wonder is Zeke would take you to San Antonio if you would not have a blog. Ofcourse not! The follower of Christ is playing you Juan.

Anonymous said...

How can this guy be such a hypocrite? He zip ties and hauls grandma off for a freaking misdemeanor? Then he's got the balls to be a race horse owner. He ran on a platform that he would go after real criminals and didn't care about 8 liners. Now he's hauling people off in a patty wagon like they're hardened criminals when he participates in gambling. WOW!
Go after the real criminals!!! All this press for a misdemeanor is stupid as well. Let the state put some teeth into the current law so it's not misdemeanor anymore and then go get grandma.

captain americano said...

Juan luis sanez is a dick, once a dick, always a dick, enuff said.

Anonymous said...

Captain Americano:

You need to go back to school and learn how to spell and use grammar correctly. You sound like you just got out of jail. Loser!