Saturday, July 27, 2013


By Juan Montoya

Scampering, playful,
the two pals went down the walk
nipping, jumping, they scampered down the walk

to the light,
by TreviƱos, the funeral home
then nervous, halting, at a loss
with cars honking and whizzing by
they backed away
and stood still watching, frightened

it was still early, past 8 a.m.
and some were late
pushing the yellow, almost to red
the morning rush
on Old Port Isabel

they almost made the dash across
but honking cars deterred them and scampered back
and just stood shaking at the curb
That's when she, late, painting her lashes with a brush
didn't see them there and hit them both

Halfway down the street
I saw them struck, fall to the curb, twitch
 and then lie still
the two small friends, now dead
And she, late, glanced through the mirror
and saw them there
and then sped on
working the lash


Anonymous said...

reads like you are writing about pachucos.

Anonymous said...

Gawd! I love dogs.

Anonymous said...

Makes me want to cry. Doesn't Texas have a law about stopping if you hit an animal? Hope you got her plate and reported her.

Anonymous said...

Looking at the Herald reporting today, citizens of Brownsville treat their children with the same carelessness as they do their pets. We have a great interest in "life" but parents who abandon or ignore their children don't deserve to have kids.....or dogs.

Anonymous said...

Had to be a democRAT that killed those poor doggies especially since these parasites don't value any LIFE!!!

Anonymous said...

The Herald this morning had an article about Senator Eddie Lucio and where he wears his faith. Eddie Lucio is supposed to represent all of us....not his own interests. Eddie Lucio is a DICK and a hypocrite. He tells the Herald, after he voted with Gov Rick Perry, how he felt....did he ever ask anyone in this community??? That proves Eddie to be a "arrogant DICK". He is like all the other elected officials in Cameron County, not representative of the voters....representative of themselves and their own simplistic political view. Eddie Lucio is just a dumb DICK who the voters keep sending back to Austin.

The Pissed Off Conservative said...

Yes it does, it applies to Animal Cruelty. But let's not stop there, you can add reckless endangerment since the lady was driving and putting up makeup at the same time. But where is the police or the sheriff's department? Oh yeah, they have other things to do like raiding 8 liners waging a moral feel-good campaign. They don't have the time to take care of this and even if they do they will probably be put on the back burner so Saenz can keep stroking his ego with the stupid raids.

Anonymous said...

Why don't we take the irresponsible owner of the pooch who let it roam, out and about, without a leash, and shoot them too?

Anonymous said...

Mrs presas garcia ran it over thinking it was salazar... or cuz she was still texting. .. ecplaining herself to hubby..."no le hise pedo mijo"

el tio chon said...

Wow esta es la vida de un perro people are just too too too busy to stop, hell ni modo its not my dog she thought, if she had a brain.