Tuesday, September 3, 2013


By Juan Montoya
We're hurt.
Here we are the biggest city in the Rio Grande Valley, have the most active drug and human trafficking corridor in the United States, have the only county in the Rio Grande Valley with a Republican county judge, and Ted "El Cu-Cuy" Cruz  isn't going to include ol' Browntown in his "End of the World 2-Day Tour."
The freshman U.S. Senator is beginning a two-day tour of the lower Texas-Mexico border to tout his record in the U.S. Senate and talk about border security, as it were.
He will use this chiflado (whistlestop) campaign stops to continue his campaign to press Congress to defund programs of the Affordable Health Care Act in stops in Mission, McAllen and Laredo.
His press office said that he begins the tour with his Mission and McAllen stops on Tuesday, followed by a stop in Laredo on Wednesday.
Why is  it that most statewide and national officials still believe that anything south of Harlingen is in Mexico?
And why does Cu-Cuy think that we don't warrant a gander at his gran visage or are worthy of hearing his drivel under the guise that it represents the Hispanic viewpoint (Cuban-American) when most of us were born in the United States and he was born in Canada?
There is even some wild talk about Cu-Cuy becoming president on the Tearepublican ticket.
But with Ted preaching the conservative line in tones more Catholic than the pope, we doubt that his entry into the fray will garner the necessary Hispanic turnout that even George W. Bush needed to make it to the White House.
Hasta da miedo este sujeto!


Diego Lee Rot said...

You never answer my question, Juan. Do you like men, or not? Let me know.

Anonymous said...

I was at the Mission Country Club today to hear Ted rail against everything Obama, and his commitment to "shut down the government " before voting 1 dollar toward 'Obamacare'. I was a little concerned about what might happen because there were only a handful of us mexicans in the room.
Interestingly enough, he never mentioned having ever been in Canada, but told the story of how his dad came to Texas at the age of 18 after being beat up (all teeth knocked out) in Cuba and went to work washing dishes at a restaurant because not being able to speak English that was the only job he could get, but he went on to be promoted to a cook and all the while paying his way through UT Austin.
Cubans have always been treated different, even today when a Cuban crossed over one of our border bridges illegally, they are given transportation money to get to where they want to go and additional money to get them started in their new life in the United States of America. Not so for
our southern neighbors, weather they be from Mexico, Central or South America : grab um up and put um in the detension facilities till they can be repatriated to their country of origin. Make no mistake, Ted does not want to see any illegals (undocumented) in the good ole USofA. Not even if they were brought over as small kids or have been here most if not all of their adult life (per Ted--once an illegal, always an illegal). Have a nice day!

Anonymous said...

Sounds like he's dreaming about breakfasting (hell, lunching and dinnering) on cum juices, JMON.

Anonymous said...

(hell, lunching and dinnering) on cum juices)

Anyway, back to the subject at hand... That Ted Cruz character is Cuban American, though born in Canada. His parents were kicked out of Cuba by Fidel himself. WTF he's even doing in Texas is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Teodoro de la Cruz was smuggled from Canada to Mexico by a VoodoShaman ; raised at LaMuralla where he learned a little English. He doesn't like Meskin folks having Health Care because it's bad for us. He plans to ban Toilet Paper. He avoided a Bro. Visit. He feared La Muralla Raza.

Anonymous said...

The man can't be everywhere in the Valley. So Browntown and Bluetown is off the list.

Anonymous said...

Oye culero, Laredo is not on the Lower Texas Border. It is on the Southwest Border like Eagle Pass and Del Rio. The Lower Texas Border stops at Rio Grande City. Entirely different culture and crime syndicates up there. Get with the program. Take a trip up to Ciudad Mier(da) to a real taste of the local ratas.

Anonymous said...

Cruz 2016 yea baby he most definitely have my vote. Finally a man with REAL HUEVOS to fight for us against the RED COMMIES DUMBOCRATS AND REPUKEICANS!!!!

Joaquin said...

I don't understand what your goal is here. What is the purpose of your jokes? Is it because it's easier than attacking what Cruz is actually saying? I'd love to hear how you think the "Affordable" care act is going to help anyone let alone Hispanics. More people, especially those in lower wage hourly jobs, are losing their healthcare so Democrats like you can "feel" like you're doing something to help the poor. He doesn't bother coming to Brownsville because it's not an educated town. They don't understand the message. Don't worry, though. I'm sure Hillary will go again. Brownsville gets her message of entitlement.

Anonymous said...

Esta bien Chulo el pinche joto....tiene cara de puto.....Uuuuuyyyy!!!

Anonymous said...

Lot of ridicule here. Lots of mockery here. Lots of profanity here. Lots of racism here. But nobody offers and substantive response to Cruz or his positions

Could this be the reason Brownsville is sucking hind tit and forever will be?

The Pissed Off Conservative said...

Cruz is human excrement, ask the man how his dad came to the US and you'll get a long and uncomfortable silence because he is part of the problem. Most Cubans are absolute garbage who believe they are entitled to asylum and look down at other Hispanic groups. Here is some food for thought, Cubans in Miami pay smugglers in Mexico to move their relatives through the country and the cartels are more than happy to do so since they don't have to worry about hiding them on US side. Just drop them at any border town and viola the job is done. This is why border bridges are seeing an alarming influx of Cubans using Mexico as a corridor for smuggling. Go ahead, look it up.

And since we are in the illegal immigration subject go ahead and ask Cruz or Rubio if they support the elimination of automatic asylum to their comrades in Cuba.

Anonymous said...

Ted Cruz isn't including Brownsville in his trip because nothing he, a Republican, can say will stop the Dumbokratic voting in Cameron County. He knows who will support him financially and at the polls. He knows that other counties will provide more support and that's where is gives his time. The corrupt Dumbokrats are so entrenched in Cameron County and the voters are so ignorant that even Abraham Lincoln wouldn't get support here these days.

Red Fusteburg said...

Yo' Teddy...Welcome to South Texas...now get the fuck out!

Anonymous said...

Taken from yahoo.com...(Sen. Ted Cruz: I Don't Think President Obama 'Has the Authority' to Order Syria Strike Without Congressional Approval)

The moron should have stayed in Canada. JMHO!