Tuesday, January 14, 2014


("These worries range from habitat destruction to harmful noise levels. In one example, the service warned that nine "bald eagle nesting territories" near the site might be abandoned because of activity at the launch site. Flight operations also could put marine life in the Indian River Lagoon at risk, wildlife officials wrote: "Increased vehicular traffic, exhaust, and drift from emissions and propellants … could negatively affect water quality.")

The Orlando Sentinel

WASHINGTON — In the long-running battle between spaceships and scrub-jays, the birds appear to be gaining the upper wing.
For more than a year, the state has led a controversial effort to build a launchpad inside the Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge, where the Florida scrub-jay lives with at least 15 other species that federal authorities consider threatened or endangered.
Environmentalists have fought the proposal for months, and now there are signs that the company the state was trying to lure — SpaceX of California — may go to Texas instead.
A federal review of the competing Texas site is near completion, and local media outlets have reported that SpaceX already has bought land in the area, though company officials did not confirm those transactions or respond to repeated requests seeking comment.
Though Florida officials admit that the state is an underdog in the fight, they contend that Spaceport Shiloh, named for an abandoned citrus town in the Cape Canaveral area, is worth fighting for — and not just for SpaceX.


Anonymous said...

The Gringos in Florida are smart enough to know when Space-X is a bad deal for them. Space-X thinks the ignorant Mexicans in Brownsville will sell off their environment for few piss ant jobs right now. They are probably right.

Anonymous said...

4:22 PM. You're right. The city, county, and state politicians couldn't bend over fast enough. Corrupt and ignorant is the combo we have in power to oversee some of the most valuable coastal real estate in Texas.

el monkey shines said...

juan we dont have bald eagles here but maybe bald winter texans, anyway what about that endangered jaguarandi? opps i forget the guys following it around ran over it, well never mind, ms.