Wednesday, January 8, 2014


By Juan Montoya
No one knows where Cameron County deputy administrator is or who gave him permission to go there.
All that county administration know is that he Emailed Pct. 3 Commissioner David Garza on Friday afternoon saying he was going to a Texas Department of Transportation Forum in Austin and would return to work on Wednesday.
Well, Wednesday cam along and no David.
His immediate superior in the county also could not tell commissioners where Garcia could be.
Their telephone calls to the forum in Austin yielded no clues to Garcia's whereabouts.
"People from other counties who attended the forum were asking where the representative for Cameron County was," said a county staffer. "They said they hadn't seem him at the forum, either."
The fact that – except for Garza – none of the commissioners was told he was planning to attend the forum, has drawn the attention of the county's legal department. Under county rules, all travel has to be approved by the commissioners court. Auditors and administrators frown upon unauthorized travel. Since administrators like Garcia have their travel costs reimbursed, they often are asked to pay the costs associated with the trip after the fact.
Garcia has had the run of the county's travel and personal per diem reimbursals since he was employed with county administration and then as a paid employee with the Cameron County Regional Mobility Authority. That was a side gig for Garcia who until recently drew $75,000 annually for his work there.
That was in addition to the $110,000 he received in salary from at least four departments in the county. Until his CCRMA gravy train was cut, he was drawing full pay from the CCRMA and the additional $105,000 from the county departments plus benefits.
Below is his salary with the county today minus the $75,000 from the CCRMA.
Planning and Inspection (asst.): $56,089
Veterans Bridge (Assistant): $16,222
Los Indios Bridge (Asst.): $16,222
Gateway Bridge (Asst.): $17,121
Total (County) $105,654, plus benefits
"No wonder he fells he can do what he pleases," said a county employee. "Getting paid all that money from four departments to perform full-time jobs and then travel when he feels like it must have gone to his head. He answers to no one, only commissioner Garza."  


chief cool arrow said...

Pura caca doodle doo este dude.

Anonymous said...

Commissioner Garza should fess up that he sent David Garcia on a scouting mission for ladies, so he doesn't have to spend those cold Austin nights alone when he travels up north.

Anonymous said...

Does the County Judge have any means of managing this problem. If there was a requirement for the county commissioners to act; why didn't they act? Who is this "loose cannon's" supervisor??
While he is sucking on so many public tits....he seems to have no guidance or supervision....that's bad. Will anyone take action....probably not. Will we hear about this again; probably not.

el monkey shines said...

dont think anyone at the county will do anything to david cuz he is above the law, and protected by commisser garza right dad, right son

Anonymous said...

He went deer hunting at an engineers ranch.

Anonymous said...

Time for this loser to be voted out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

If this man is making that kind of money from each of the bridges than why He Does Not spend more time at each bridge and see all the maintenance these bridges need and the employees needs at each location.

Anonymous said...

If that is the case of this man making all that money from each of the bridges then why not spend more time there. Being there He can see the amount of maintenance each bridge needs and the needs of the employees that work there.....

County Watch Dog 2014 said...

Here we go again;
Where is Pistol Pete in all this; He should answer to PISTOL Pete;Commissioners;But no they have other issue to deal with like, who's job are we going to make a living HELL:I will look the other way;(long Legs)Again we have Zombies running the Show;Like (I Love you too David;Make work Interm;Super. of Public Work"Ruben";I know every thing there is to know of Safety"Victor" AKA La Momia;What Happen "Lee"@Vechicle Maint.All this is at Pct.3 This is where the "Cancer" is;But then again; There we have The "MELA,School of How to be a Supervisor in Public Works@PCT.3"Check the Stats;But then we have this yoyo, running for District Clerk,working for the County; Less An A year in the HR Dept.He is another Pistol Pete with his "Nose up in the AIR"too good for us small people;making $24,000 a year;WE NEED A CHANGE,WE ALREADY GAVE THIS "PEOPLE" 4 YEARS TO CHANGE THE "SYSTEM"AND HAVE NOT,YET THEY WANT 4 MORE, NO SIR;WHAT ARE THEY WAITING FOR? (Looking Good Alex/Ruben/Steve)

chiefy cool arrow said...

oh i forgot he was meeting with solomamon ortiz and lencho rendon in san antonio or austin or corpus, cuz with that big salary cut, well he needs to do some side consulting work you kow? right? Sot thats why he totally forgot abou the txdot meeting he was supposed to go and attend on behalf of the county, but the discovery channel, by golly they were paging him and asking fo rhim at the conference, y el primo hum, no where to be found. Sorry oops wont happen again daddy garza.

Anonymous said...

it will be worse when Big Joe gets elected as county judge .. david garcia is a big FAN of Big Joe.. so you know he will be protected by him too. pura tristeza... que dolor..

pitbull said...

big joe no gana, ese puro miercoles ese dude y apesta good riddane, thank god he is running for county judge so he can lose and get the fuck outta the county

Anonymous said...

The HR person that is being refrenced is Arnold Flores and he is a canadate for county clerk not district clerk. And yes ,I agree that the County Judge the leader of the commissioners court need to take lead on these issues and if he needs to step on some commisioners feet,so be it. And this clown is getting paid more than the Sheriff?? Carlos your plate form is transperancy.