Thursday, May 8, 2014


By Juan Montoya
There's nothing like small-town politics to stir the interest of the electorate.
A county elected official says that the acrimonious nature of small communities like Los Fresnos, San Benito, etc., is such that "they'll eat each other's children."
There is a heated race for mayor of San Benito where SB ISD Asst. Superintendent and three-time city commissioner Celeste Zepeda Sanchez is in a close contest with incumbent Joe Hernandez.
If elected, Sanchez will become the first female mayor of San Benito.
On Nov. 5, 2013, a jury acquitted Hernandez of a Class C misdemeanor charge of making a terroristic threat, for which he could have faced up to six months in jail had he been convicted.
Jurors deliberated about 45 minutes before handing down their verdict after a two-day trial that included inconsistent witness statements.
Hernandez then filed to run for re-election.
As we said, the race has been a tight one as small-town races are wont to be.
Take for example, this latest incident reported to us by one of our three readers in the Resaca City.
This past Tuesday evening after the early voting closed, Hernandez moved his entourage over to the Community Building to set up camp for Saturday.
 To his chagrin others had already parked at the community building based on current election rules and his "spot" would have been much further away.
He immediately called police to inform them that all other camps were in violation of "the new ordinance." The new ordinance will not be in effect until after the second reading which comes up for a vote on Thursday. (10.Consideration and action on second and final reading of Ordinance No. 2514.) Now, we've heard of people fighting over parking spaces, but his is ridiculous!
Other candidates for the various offices remain upset by what they felt was inappropriate behavior by an elected official.
Will the indignation carry over into the ballot box?


Anonymous said...

Just another example of Cameron County politics....the winner too often is the biggest asshole, who exerts bullshit power and gets away with it. Is he related to Ernie Hernandez and his klan????

Anonymous said...

Go Celeste! I won't vote for any Hernandez.

Anonymous said...

Hernandez is a joke....but obviously the people of San Benito love their joke.

Anonymous said...

They are both idiots and opportunists. Celeste will not win as she looks upon the poor and uneducated as vermin yet the ignorant will vote for her. Hernandez will pull a pubic hair to win this one. Let's hear it for Sweeney Todd. Yes, everyone has their joke and the majority are in Brownsville.

Red Fusteberg said...

I see SNOCONES! RaspaGate, now Trailergate! San Benito News had a great online story on the topic. Thanks to El RRun Rrun and the SB News for telling it like it is!

Anonymous said...

Celeste, did shit when she was on the CWI board, not voting for her.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Celeste Sanchez has promoted culture and education in San Benito. The estudiatina, the flamenco and the conjunto are a direct result of Ms. Sanchez's efforts. She was also one of the first persons to initiate the walking trail in San Benito. My vote is for a better San Benito and therefore, I am voting for Celeste Sanchez for mayor.

Anonymous said...

What they forgot to mention is that the Ordinance is only good on "election Day"...pendejos, any other time is OK.

RSB said...

He calls himself "The People's Mayor." More like "The Pendejo Mayor!"

Anonymous said...

I much rather vote for Celeste than a hernandez!

Most of the Hernandez are crooks???

Pepe Jalapeno said...

Joe Hernandez finally got the boot! The People's Mayor, MY ASS!
Looks like the Mayor's PEOPLE finally got sick of being the laughing stock of the Valley!
It took the PEOPLE a long time to get it right, but they finally did; (well, of course the votes of SB ARE a little slow). So long Joe. Now please leave.