Friday, February 20, 2015


This is the way a blog dies (again and again and again) not with a bang, but with a whimper.
We don't know how many times it's been that we've heard blogger Robert Wightman say he's had enough of the morons in this city, but this time it's really, really, really true, he says.
But Wightman doesn't leave before hurling a few invectives, showing us his titillating tattoos, hurling a few choice insults our way,  and hinting at some secret knowledge that leads him to believe that the whole city and county reek of corruption. In his last post,  (be still my beating heart!), he accuses his buddy Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz and the DA's Office, BISD trustee Catalina Presas-Garcia, Lucy Longoria, myself, and the whole ball of wax of unspeakable (and unprovable, it would seem) acts of corruption. He also thinks the $3 million (instead of the $14 million he and his buddy Rick Zayas claimed they would get) from suing HealthSmart will go toward school supplies for teachers. Actually, a good chunk of the cash, as Zayas so correctly stated (and Wightman reported) will go to the lawyers. We will miss his naive idealism.  He leaves with this:
"For a long time, I kept the BV going until Healthsmart settled. Well it has settled, but Healthsmart is in financial ruin so the exact terms of payments are still being worked out. I held for years while being subjected to endless defamation by Presas-Garcia and Luci Longoria through their paid drunk Juanito. In the end BISD may only get about $3 million. But to the teachers – $3 million in extra school supplies in meaningful. Cata Presas-Garcia paid Juanito to claim the entire lawsuit was nothing more than a way for the attorneys to get rich. What else could she say – she worked with Healthsmart to defraud BISD out of millions.
I have so many files on my desk which need processing. The evidence of corruption at the DA's office, the city and BISD continue to come in. I cannot do both - processing the criminal complaints and working the BV."

We don't quite know why there toward the end Wightman embraced the $325 million PUB debacle with Tenaska, unless it's one of those confidential matters that require a certain amount of discretion for all interested parties. Who knows?
To paraphrase a quite: "Old bloggers never die, they just kind of whimper away."
Well, we're from Missouri, and you have to show us if something is true. Until then, we leave you with the quintessential Mexican goodbye song (we know he claims Nicaraguan descent, but, hey, a Latino is a Latina is a Latino, right?). Adios, Babushka! Tocame Las Golondrinas!


Anonymous said...

You should leave as well, Juanito. To complete the joke. Batos inutiles!

Anonymous said...

Ala'chingada! Bobby "The Sky is Falling" Cervantes is closing down his blog......AGAIN! Good riddance; use your time to get a mental evaluation!

Anonymous said...

The delusional fat fuck is back......uff!