Monday, March 9, 2015


By Juan Montoya
We all wondered whether the 25,000 followers that City of Brownsville mayoral candidate Erasmo Castro (the self-proclaimed Cheeze) would materialize and represent the "Nation" at his fundraiser at Days Inn.
After all, Castro talks a good game and has made sure to hype himself (and his winnowed group) as a kingmaker who put Jessica Tetreau-Kalifa on the city commission and Erin Garcia Hernandez as a Justice of the Peace.
To be sure, the turnout at his first campaign event (at Lincoln Park) was sparsely attended, with the majority of the attendees being family and a smattering of former political candidates including Erin and attorney Carlos Masso, a Cheezmeh favorite in the past election for district attorney.
Well, except for the handful (and dwindling) of Castro's true believers and faithful supporters, the turnout was again underwhelming.
If there is a word to describe the campaign being run by this strange political creature, it would have to be one used for the military. No, not suicide mission, but rather, a scorched-earth (or tough love) approach to attract supporters.
Castro has posted in his past postings (because he is, after all, a product of social media), that his followers should not be will not provide so much as a chicken plate lunch or refreshments to those attending his political campaign events. Neither should his supporters expect (at Lincoln Park) to be provided with a place to seat and encouraged those that might feel that they want to rest their feet to bring their own chairs.
Some of our friends were kind enough to send us pictures inside the event this Sunday and it is obvious from the photos that interest in this candidate is on the wane.
To make matters worse, an anti-Cheezmeh group has sprung up which รป if we are to believe their posts – Castro has done his damnest to shut them down through their Internet server.
Even with our limited military experience, we know better (as George W. Bush didn't) than to fight a war on two fronts. Judging from the forceful nature of the nomorecheezmeh group, there is no love lost between
them two.
It's not like it's not hard enough to try to get into the runoff of this mayoral race. There are, after all, five other candidates including the incumbent vying for the position in May.
But all is not lost.
We believe that the city provides a window of time for Castro to withdraw from the race and for his name not to appear on the ballot. If and when he decides to stay and by some miracle end up in the runoff with one of the other candidates, we have heard that there might be a legal challenge to the deferred adjudication he was granted after he was convicted of felony forgery in the past.
But trust Castro to put a good spin on this apparent downturn in his political fortunes. A little after 8 p.m. that same day, he posted a photo of himself someone he said was his car's mechanic, and apparently, one of his staunch supporters.
Success or not, a mal tiempo buena cara and say "I'm Loving it!"


Former county employee said...

From looking at the pic on this blog Montoya? It appears that this fat felony convicted pig wants to kill his constituents by stuffing them with candy? Doesn't this fat felony convicted pig know that Hispanics are majority Diabetic? Of his he buying votes by giving the kids the candy and knowing that majority of the families there are on State assistance and will visit the dentists in the area? This same fat felony convicted pig has not figured out that he is surrounding himself with losers or people with very dark clouds over their head? But, this is Brownsville where anything is possible? Lets just hope that the voters of Brownsville have more sense and not vote for him or hope that more people go out and vote to keep him out of office. Anyway, he is a convicted felon! He shouldn't be able to run for office?

Anonymous said...

He had a good thing going.... once upon a time. When Erasmo got involved with Ernie and Erin Hernandez, is when his 'nation' sank hard. Birds of a feather, of course. But back then, no one knew Erasmo was a convicted felon. Only when he allied with Hernandez that people started to question What the Fuck? Hindsight being 20/20, obviously felons like having felon friends in politics.

Anonymous said...

Don't you just hate erasmo's smile in every photo, like if he's all innocent?

Anonymous said...

@ McDonald's? Are you f*cking kidding me? That is the last place that marrano needs to be at. Otro Erin. Get on a diet you filthy pigs!

get a life! said...

You all really need to get a life!

Anonymous said...

In other news, Austin area McDonald's restaurants are closing due to falling sales figures. Brownsville McDonald's restaurants breaking sales records. More to open due to Erasmo's move from Austin to Brownsville.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

True Love !