Wednesday, March 18, 2015


By Patty Gonzales
PIO City of Brownsville

Longtime Parks and Recreation Director Christopher Patterson is resigning his position to move closer to family out of state. Patterson has worked for the City of Brownsville for 14 years, six of those years as parks director.

Under his leadership as parks manager and later as director, the Parks and Recreation Department has grown from 16 parks to 32, and expanded youth recreational programs throughout the city serving several thousand local youth each year. 
Additionally, the Urban Center at Gonzalez Park that hosts after school programs, concerts, workshops, and other community events in the Southmost neighborhood, was the recipient of the 2008 Texas Recreation and Parks Society Arts and Humanities Award, as well as the National Parks and Recreation Association Southwest Region Arts and Humanities Award. 
Additionally, Patterson brought youth midnight basketball to the city in 2001, and was part of the team that earned Brownsville a Playful City USA designation from KaBOOM!

“It has truly been my pleasure to serve the citizens of Brownsville,” said Patterson. “There is nothing more rewarding than providing youth with recreational opportunities that help them develop the necessary skills to become healthy and productive adults. I will miss this beautiful city and its people.” Patterson will continue to serve youth in a parks and recreation capacity.

“Chris has been a tremendous asset to the City of Brownsville. He has helped guide the growth of the Parks and Recreation Department to the jewel that it is today,” said Charlie Cabler, Brownsville city manager. “We’ll miss him, and wish him the best of luck.”

Damaris McGlone has been named interim parks director. She has been the assistant parks director since January 2014. She holds a degree in recreation administration and is a certified therapeutic recreation specialist. Previously, McGlone worked for the City of Austin Parks Department.

Christopher Patterson’s last day is Friday, March 20.


Anonymous said...

Gringos are getting the hell out of town before the cartels move to full force.

Anonymous said...

Chris was an exemplary city employee and all around good guy. He'll be missed.

Anonymous said...

Good riddance, the fucker was worthless! His swinging preferred ass was kept by the taxpayers for way too long......HASTA la vista, PUTO!

Anonymous said...

There is no future for young people in Browntown. Most are stuck in dead end low paying jobs. I don't blame them for getting out to better themselves. However most are stuck here because of family ties or inability to function in the gringo world.

This place is the end of the world, locked down in poverty and ignorance. We just sit here in this stew of corruption. No place to raise kids for sure.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Tetreau is badmouthing Cesar De Leon all over town, saying that Cesar is worthless as city commissioner. Come on Jessica, you are the worthless one, what have you done as a commissioner? All you have done is embarass Brownsville by beating up on your poor defenseless husband. Faking that your husband beat you up when it was you beating up on him. We all know Mr. Kalifa is a good man, give it up drama queen. Brownsville detests you Jessica Tetreau, and pay your employees, everyone knows you're running a sweatshop in your business.

Anonymous said...

He probably wouldn't give you what you wanted, so you wait till he leaves to grow balls.

Anonymous said...

Calm down Rigo B.

Anonymous said...

Chris Patterson is a class act. A good person. He was always willing to work with people. Good luck Chris.