Wednesday, March 25, 2015


By Juan Montoya
"At the zoo, Gladys Porter Zoo, the Lion Sleeps tonight..."
And now – if we are to believe the claims of mayoral candidate Erasmo Castro – that lion sleeps with a full belly because of his intervention and that of his "Cheez Nation."
Just as the population of stray and abandoned dogs and cats owe a debt of gratitude to Pat Ahumada, another mayoral candidate this time around, there are some thankful felines at the zoo, it would appear.
Erasmo's Lion (some call it Lying) saga started after a "Pulga Online" devotee named Tito Saagahon posted a picture of a lion whose ribcage could be clearly discerned and expressed concern that he wan't being fed enough and could have been starving.
Other, more sanguine viewers, suggested that it was the lioness' fault (she is visible looking over the tree trunk behind him) that the lion was in that condition because of her voracious libido.
Nonetheless, as can be seen in Erasmo's post, he reprinted the post on his page and wrote that  "what happens on the cheez page makes a difference in our community."
There followed congratulatory comments from adherents to the Cheeze Nation thanking Erasmo for saving Marimba's hide (named so because of his protruding rib cage) and patting him on his ample back.
Well, the Gladys Porter Zoo people heard about the tempest in the teapot and quickly assured the posters and commenters on the social media that Marimba was on a controlled diet  (actually Jamil) specially developed for their metabolic needs. In other words, because of his diet, his appearance was acceptable.
However, Erasmo has an anti-Cheezmeh watchdog group watching over his claims as he hurls toward the May election and they wasted no time in pouncing (excuse the analogy) on his post that it was the cheez page that set things right for Marimba AKA Jamil.
"Cheez doesn’t know when to stop lying. He now says, if it wasn’t for the cheez page, people wouldn’t know about the lion at the zoo. First of all, the person who made awareness to the public is the administrator of “La Pulga Online Brownsville” by the name of a Tito Saagahon.” The group has close to 60,000 subscribers, more than double to the cheez heads. The post received many shares and comments and because of this post, it was then put on the Cheez page. So why does the Cheez claim credit yet again?"
This is like looking at a mirror through a mirror, in a way. Earsmo and his cheez heads have lived and died by the social media. Now with a watchdog group watching the self-proclaimed watchdog, things should get interesting, like one of Ahuamda's dogs chasing its tail.
Their page is located at

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Anonymous said...

All of those ingrates on the anti Cheez page should follow in their mother's foot steps and get bent. What is their obssession with that guy? Scroll through the comments and it is just ridiculous. If that Facebook page was an actual piece of paper I'd line anlittler box with it.