Tuesday, November 29, 2016


By Juan Montoya
Remember the wave of criticism aimed at OP 10.33's Mike Hernandez for having his boys pass out cases of mosquito repellent in downtown Brownsville neighborhoods where the bloodsuckers could breed and spread the Zika virus?

There was his cous (and former lawman) George Gavito and a gaggle of St. Joseph Academy football players knocking on doors and handing out fliers and cans of spray alerting residents to the danger of the virus and other mosquito-borne diseases. Many dismissed it as a publicity stunt.

Well, now it appears that the fears of mosquitoes spreading the virus locally might have been well founded after all.

Cameron County health authorities have now confirmed that a 43-year-old Brownsville woman living in the same area where Hernandez's minions passed out the cans of repellent had contracted the virus through a mosquito sting. In response, the city has stepped up its spraying of the inner city neighborhoods where the woman lives.

Authorities also said that the woman poses no danger to others because she can no longer infect anyone with the virus. They also advice residents to use insect repellent with an active ingredients such as DEET or picandin and reapply as needed.
Who knows, maybe Mike and George and his boys will start handing out more cans of the repellent in the city again now that the worst fears about the virus have been confirmed.


Anonymous said...

No one challenged Hernandez on the issue of Zika, What this story proves is his handing out cans of mosquito spray solved nothing. What he should have done was push the county and city to get aggressive on spraying, but instead passed out cans of spray which according to this story failed.

Anonymous said...

it is a proven fact that Zika carrying mosquitos do not bite people using bike trails. More money needs to be invested in bike trails in the Galaxia area to ward off Zika.

Anonymous said...

Unless they plan on spraying the city weekly, it doesnt change my impression of him or his organization. This is as huge as Jessica Tetreau and her burgers. Once in a blue moon dont mean jack.

Anonymous said...

it's not "cous," it's "cuz," bofo!

Anonymous said...

We need more Mike hernandez's, jessica tetreaus and charlie Atkinsons.

Anonymous said...

Jessica Tetreaus is a fraud and her true colors will come out soon. The Diva has her agenda and soon everything will come out.