Saturday, November 5, 2016


By Carla Gutierrez
Graduate, Porter High School

Dear Ms. Caty Presas-Garcia,

I cannot thank you enough for the big impact you have made in my life. You are a role model to me and you inspired me to achieve many of my goals. I still remember when I first got called to the office wondering what I had done wrong, thinking I could have possibly been in trouble for skipping, for being disrespectful, for being a bully, or maybe because someone had already noticed I was utilizing drugs.

But no, that wasn't the case. I got called because the presence of a strong independent woman was in campus and, yes, that was you .

I remember when we were in that room trying to figure out what was happening. A group of trouble makers, pot heads, lost kids, basically kids that needed guidance occupied that room asking ourselves why we were called. You were in that room with a smile on your face and a book on your hands looking at each one of us and said we were all beautiful.

You asked each one of us if we thought we were beautiful. You asked me and I answered yes. I lied. You then started talking about how nothing in life is easy but you have to work hard and be dedicated in order to be successful. You told us about your past, your present, and what you had set for the future. I started asking myself how a woman who did not have it easy in life became so successful, loving and caring.

As you kept on talking I noticed you had so much passion for what you do and how you never expected nothing in return other than to see people succeed and be happy. You where there to guide us. You did not judge us because of who we were or what we did. To you it didn't matter because you believed in us.

You believed that we could make a change, that we would be successful, that it didn't matter what people said we have to always believe in ourselves. Coming out of that room I started thinking how you where right in every way. Every visit you made was always great. You would always encourage us and advice us which made me feel this woman cares. You weren't there because you had to. You were there because you wanted to see us succeed. I changed my ways and how I thought about me. My thoughts had changed. I was now beautiful!

I can't tell you how eager I was when I had the opportunity to do a project about someone who we admire and had made a change. As soon as they told us I went and told my counselor with no hesitation Mrs. Cathy Presas has to be the one. You have offered so much I just don't know how you do it. I still remember one of your favorite quotes

"My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country." - John F. Kennedy

You do so much for others you are so caring  and one truly inspirational woman. I got the chance to sit with you one on one and ask you questions. I learned a variety of things of the person who I admire so much. I love how you are so outspoken, independent, hard worker, dedicated, loving, caring, I would keep on but I wouldn't finish.

Mrs. Presas thank you, thank you for all your support, for your advice, guidance, but most of all love! I was very proud of myself when I walked that stage and saw that I made you proud. The lady who inspired me, the one that little by little with her awesome advice help me quit my bad habits, believe I was beautiful, and that I could be successful.

Thank you for keeping your word when you said you were the one that would hand me my diploma. I know those tears on your face that day of graduation were because you were seeing us being successful and accomplishing one of our goals.
I love you and God bless you. ️

P.S. I kept asking for your number but no one knew it 'till today that I got the chance to pick that lovely gift and she gave it to me.Thank you! Oh, I know I never told you, but I refer to you as my godmother. I believe God puts people in our way to make a change. You have made it, so you are my God mother!!!!!!!


Anonymous said...

very nice

Anonymous said...

Hopefully the voters will do the research and realize that In spite of all the negative campaign publicity that has been thrown at mrs.presas Garcia by her opponents. The voter will see that mrs.presas Garcia has been the true voice not only for the tax payers but for the most important asset our students.

Anonymous said...

Vote to reelected Caty Presas Garcia

Anonymous said...

"From the mouth of babes." I know how she feels because way back when I was in high school, I had a teacher who did the same for me. I would not have accomplished what I did if she had not pushed me and make me believe in myself. I am in my 70's and she is in her mid-80's and we talk on the phone every Sunday. I wrote her a journal-type record of my thoughts about her from the first day I walked into her class at BHS.
The other day she told me she had taken it out and re-read the whole thing. Yes, Cati is a person who speaks her mind because she does not hide behind excuses or people. She just happened to have been my student at Porter High School, so I know about Caty then and about Caty now and how proud I am of her. We all have times where we face adversity, but it is up to us to pick ourselves up and keep going. I am sure Cati will always remember this letter that I hope you actually sent her. Keep going and don't let anyone tell you it can't be done. Congratulations on your graduation and make sure you send Cati and invitation to your college graduation.

Anonymous said...

Mr. Montoya, this is the type of content that you should stick to in publishing instead of taking bits and pieces from people who have nothing else to do but tear others down. This positive message does change the image I have of your blog.

Anonymous said...

If this is how success is measured then BISD sucks! I still have $16,000 in debt to UTB after my master's degree and no job.

Anonymous said...

Maybe you should of Pplied yourself and got a scholarship? You failed to say what your masters degree is in? Are you above certain jobs? Have you considered leaving the valley? Hey border patrol answer stripes are ALWAYS hiring. You have to start somewhere right?