Friday, January 20, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Wonder why you're seeing more cars and trucks with Mexican license plates filling up on the U.S. side of the border?
Why there is a line of 18-wheeler cabs lining up at Wal-Mart to top off their double tanks?

Mexico started off this year 2017 with a 20 percent increase in fuel prices. More confusingly, prices will be different in 83 areas of the country plus the 7 border regions.
The border regions on the Mexican side are usually lower because the government wants Mexican gas station owners to remain competitive with the U.S. side so they won't come and fill up with gas over here.

The latest price differences between U.S. and Mexican gasoline and diesel prices are listed on the website Mexicomike
However, Mike says that he can't really tell you what the border prices are because they differ from state to state and city to city, when they have gas to sell.

His last update was January 2 and they give you a glimpse of what the Mexican consumer in the interior has had to shell out per gallon.
In the interior, Magna costs about $ $2.90 per gallon while it hovers between $1.97 to  $2.07 on the U.S. side, whey they can get it.

Diesel is even worse.  A gallon of diesel in Mexico averages about $3.11 compared with $2.26 in Texas. 
The difference is obviously apparent. So get used to seeing more and more cars from the other side of the Rio Grande locally. What else can they do?

Magna per liter in MXN$15.99
Premium per liter in MXN $17.79 
Diesel per liter in MXN $17.05 
Magna - Gal. in USD $2.92 
Premium - Gal in USD $3.25
Diesel - Gal. in USD $3.11 

Exchange Rate - USD - Official on date above 20.74
Liters per gallon 3.79

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