Saturday, January 14, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Thank City of Brownsville commissioner Deborah Portillo for establishing a free-fire zone on stray low-income, homeless dogs in the city.

The commissioner – during a recent televised so-called town hall meeting – said she wanted to teach the residents of Brownsville how to be responsible pet owners. Now any dog caught loose by the Animal Control Rangers will be subject to a warrantless chip search. If there is no chip detected, well, it will be doggone it for the luckless pooch. Instead of a no-kill zone, the city has in effect instituted a free-fire zone for the luckless beast whose owner did not take the time to have their vet or the city implant one (at $5 bucks a pop at the city).

The chip ordinance went into effect January 1, 2017.

"This is stray mutt profiling if I ever heard of it," said a city wag as he walked from Tina's Restaurant back to work at the municipal court. "Obviously, it will be the dogs and cats from the low-income neighborhoods who will be stopped and searched for a chip. In Brownsville, it won't pay to be Straying While A Mutt."

Even if the dog does have a chip which identifies its owner, they will still be required to pay a $250 fine for allowing the dog to stray outside the fenceline or yard. The chip will merely help to find the owner who can pay the fine or else let the Grim Reaper at the shelter give the pooch the needle.
So dog owners you have been warned. If Fido or Firuli strays outside the yard, you might be kissing him goodbye for the last time.


Anonymous said...

Why are Americans so obsessed with dogs, cats, etc. I was appalled at the millions spent advertising the ASPCA, and other pooch charities over the holidays on expensive TV. If these animals have a soul, then what about Col Sanders chickens, or cows? There is something sick about people who equate their pets with kids, and waste so much money on them.

Anonymous said...

The people that equate their pets with humans usually aren't very good at treating humans and rely on their 4 legged furries for companionship.

Anonymous said...

It's putting the cart before the horse to go this route with the chips and fines. How about first addressing the more serious problem of animal neglect and abuse of people who think it's acceptable to tie their dogs up and/or keep them outside all the time. If you're not willing to have your dog in your house, DON'T GET A DOG. They're not patio furniture, they're companion animals who want to give and receive love and attention. They are pack animals who are not happy alone. Microchipping is pointless if the dog is neglected and not love and cared for properly...and as for the person who wrote the only other comment, please don't ever own a pet, you just don't get it. You're the sick one, if you think pets are a waste of money. They're kinder, more loving and accepting than most humans.