Wednesday, January 18, 2017


By Juan Montoya
The sitting in of an elected official in executive session of the City of Brownsville commission, voting to approve accepting a bid on a tax-delinquent property , and then signing as the chief executive of the city while he was the buying one of the properties auctioned off at a tax resale would get anyone indicted.

But will the current Cameron County District Attorney prosecute everyone equally given the political ties that bind him to City of Brownsville Mayor Tony Martinez?

Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz – as a special prosecutor – indicted and prosecuted Harlingen city commissioner Kori Marra for much less. She sat in on the discussion of an downtown revitalization district that would assess property and business owners an tax for improvements. She did not vote.

Now that is has come to light that Martinez had bought a rear lot adjoining his law office at 1206 E. Van Buren in a July 2015 tax resale, then sat in a vote held during a regular meeting on Nov. 3 that approved his own bid of $5,200 on a property assessed at $13,500.

The Texas Local  §§ 171.001-.010.  states that: A public official who has such interest is required to file, before a vote or decision on any matter involving the business entity or real property, an affidavit with the city’s official record keeper, stating the nature and extent of the interest. Id. §171.004(b).

In addition, a public official is required to abstain from further participation in the matter. Id. However, a public official that is required to file an affidavit is not required to abstain from participating in the matter if a majority of the members of the governing body have a substantial interest and are required to file and do file affidavits of similar interests on the same official matter. Id. §171.004(c).

There were no affidavits filed in the city binder for the item or conflict of interest statements on the record.

The property in downtown Brownsville described as 2015-071 –the rear one half (1/2) lot No. 3 in Block One Hundred and fifty-three (153) of the City of Brownsville, together with any or all improvements therein (01-0000-1530-0030-00)
The street address, according to the Cameron County Appraisal District (CCAD), was 1242 E. Van Buren St. (rear).

It is, in fact, a parking lot addition to the existing Tony Martinez law offices.

Already, loose tongues are saying that the DA's
Office dares not prosecute Martinez since Tony Martinez's son Trey (Benigno) Martinez held Saenz's announcement of his candidacy for DA and also held his victory party in the office Trey shares with his father Tony Martinez, the mayor of Brownsville.

There is no record in Saenz's expenditures report for 2016 of any political contributions, in-kind or otherwise, from the Martinez Law Firm.


Anonymous said...

Tony is one of the biggest influence peddlers to ever walk the streets of Brownsville. You can see by this scam how it has paid off for him.

Anonymous said...

Dam!Juan if this is true,it will be interesting to see the DA office actions. Remember Tony Martinez is a big supporter of Sylvia Garza Perez a rival of Luis Saenz. It will be very intresting, however nothing for the Feds to care or be intresting on. Juan remember the majority of the voters in both the mayors and DAS race voted both in. So let's move forward.

Anonymous said...

Sylvia has made lots of new enemies with her backstabbing and big mouth politics if she just would keep her bad breath to herself she might stand a chance but business as usual she is a complete idiot does not know a dam thing about her own office and she sticks her nose in every one else's business she is gone

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I'm not a robot! said...

The Cameron County District Attorney, Luis V. Saenz, is obligated and owes it to the voters in Cameron County to live by the words:

"I am honored to serve you. We aim to provide justice, transparency and accountability while maintaining the utmost integrity. We want to make this community a safe place for you and your family." as declared on the Cameron County District Attorney's Office web page.

DA Luis V. Saenz ows it to the voters of Cameron County to investigate this alleged violation of READ THIS: Chapter 171 of the Local Government Code - Conflicts of Interest.

Per the Office of the Texas Attorney General, the local District Attorney has the authority and responsibility to investigate any allegations of criminal wrong doing at the local level.

Anonymous said...

Let's get ride of Sylvia ! Join TEAM SAENZ and support his candidate for County Clerk . Vamanos con TEAM SAENZ 2018

Anonymous said...

Luis is a disgrace to justice. He is extremely transparent and his supporters are gullible and their belief in him shows ignorance.

Anonymous said...

Luis is not wasting any time or money on prosecuting the Mayor of Brownsville . Our DA must focus on taking down the biggest crook in Cameron County Sylvia Garza Perez . We all need to come together and help TEAM SAENZ get ride of the corruption in Cameron County . We are with you Luis & TEAM SAENZ !

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Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 3:08. Team Saenz Is a big part of the corruption in the county...along with the usual scumbag suspects like Eddie Trevino , The Mayor,etc....

Anonymous said...

Viva Luis Saenz ! Sylvia garza Perra hood rat along with her ass kissers will be going down

Anonymous said...

yea the biggest crook here is fucktard luis himself!