Tuesday, March 21, 2017


Sec. 13.183. CONSOLIDATION OF SCHOOL DISTRICTS AND CERTAIN OTHER TERRITORY. Effective July 1, 2018, each school district wholly located in a county subject to this subchapter and any detached territory to which Section 13.182 applies are consolidated into a single countywide school district.

By Juan Montoya
In what some local school board members are calling a "harebrained idea" Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. has filed a bill calling for the consolidation of all the school districts in Cameron County into one.

Senate Bill 02112 also calls for a governance provision that would allow the board of trustees of the Brownsville Independent School District to serve as the interim governing body during the transition period.
It calls for "the the board of trustees of the consolidating school district wholly located in the county that had the largest enrollment during the 2017-2018 school year serves as the board of trustees of the consolidated district until the next uniform election date, at which time the consolidated school district shall elect a board of trustees.

"Can you imagine the BISD board that can hardly manage its own district running the entire county?," asked an incredulous Asst. Area Superintendent when told of the Lucio bill.

Other provisions call for the formation of the board along county commissioners precincts and one at-large commissioner, making it a nine-member board.
It calls for " two trustees elected from each county commissioners precinct and one trustee elected from the county at large."

 "Seven BISD trustees can't manage a $500 million budget," said the same administrator. "Can you imagine nine managing a budget made up of all the school districts in the county? What is Lucio thinking?"

Others see it as an open invitation for the smaller cities and districts in the county to jump on the charter school bandwagon.
"Can you imagine Los Fresnos or San Benito taking orders from Harlingen? Same for Olmito taking orders from Brownsville. They'd rather go independent or charter. This just opens the door to the charter schools. People will leave the district like rats."

Lucio's bill also calls for property tax income and assumption of the debt from all the districts to be controlled by the new countywide district.

"Title to all property of the consolidating districts wholly located in the county vests in the consolidated district, and the consolidated district assumes and is liable for the
outstanding indebtedness of those consolidating districts."

Apparently based on his thinking that consolidation will increase efficiency, the bill calls for a report to be sent to the governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the house of representatives, and presiding officer of each standing legislative committee with primary jurisdiction over public education that "evaluates the operation of the consolidated school district to determine whether an increase in administrative efficiency or any cost savings have resulted from the countywide consolidation of school districts and any applicable detached territory; and makes recommendations for any additional legislative action to enhance the efficiency of the operation of the consolidated district."

If the bill receives two-thirds of the vote of all the members elected to each house, it will take effect immediately. If it does not receive the vote necessary for immediate effect, it calls for it to take effect September 1, 2017.

Some school administrators said that passage of Lucio's bill would remove local control from the smaller districts and impose the will of the nine-member board on the outlying cities and favor the larger populations in Harlingen and Brownsville.

"Can you imagine Santa Maria, Los Fresnos or Santa Rosa electing someone when part of their commissioner's precinct is in Harlingen?," said one. "And Brownsville will elect their reps and displace those of Port Isabel and Olmito."


Rafael Callado said...

This fucker has no power in Austin. Republicans laugh at his stupidities. Fock Lucio.

Anonymous said...

This guy is as cookoo as his father. Brownsville can not hold their own, much less the county. Some asshole tried this in the middle eights. Went like a lead balloon.

As I said this guy is a nut, a big one.

Anonymous said...

What is wrong with this ahole, damn, doesn't he have anything better to do than this bullshit. Why do people keep electing this prick.

Anonymous said...

Sure, why not let the most crooked board of the most under performing school district to run the show? Think of the extra millions in contracts that can be milked for favors. Lets drag all the school districts down to Brownsville standards.

Anonymous said...

Would that only apply to the valley districts? or to the whole state of Texas? HE IS NUTS.!! I am not from San Benito, Harlingen or Los Fresnos but I know that the residents would be in TOTAL opposition. Hope they VOTE HIM OUT. He has been there for WAY TOO LONG.
I think it's a tactic to get money that has been leaving the district because students are going to Harmony, IDEA, and other charter schools. School board members think of themselves as untouchables, imagine if they had other districts within the district. THAT IS JUST NUTS.

Anonymous said...

What fucken drugs is this fuck head on? First he Fucks around with our restrooms and now school districts. Brownsville as the managing board? Please idiot. What the hell are you smoking? Don't you see all the mess they are creating within their district operations and you want them to be the governing board. Are you really stupid Lucio or are just acting. Just come out already as the Republican you really are and stop hiding behind the Democrats. Your the biggest ass kisser the Senate has ever had. Bottom line, Lucio isn't doing this for the good of the districta, he's got a favor to pay back. The question is to who in Bisd? Keep on voting for idiots and ass kissers like Lucio in office. That is why the valley never prospers. Remember Lucio Titan tires, Covergys, teleperformance? Where are they at now? You brought them into Brownsville and didn't last.. Pendejo...

Anonymous said...

This is nut's, Lucio is fucking crazy...Vote the fucker and his son OUT...Vote the fuckers OUTTTT.

Anonymous said...

Eddie, I am your friend, but where did you get this idea? Can you imagine Sylvia Atkinson reigning at the top of this anthole. Our board can not get along with themselves, how will they manage Cameron County districts. Eddie, I now think it is time for you to retire and spend some time with you wife and family. You've dedicated too much time that now it is effecting
your actions. Please, do not introduce this bill as one we will support, Eddie. I don't think there is one person who agrees with this, except maybe la sabe todo,
Talkinson and her comadre Minnie Weinnie.

Anonymous said...

I remember as a kid watching old news reels of kids being forced under one district and all wearing the same uniforms, only I couldn't understand it too well because it was in German!! Fucking Nazi democrats!!

Anonymous said...

People Open your eyes, stop voting for the same people. It's time for a change you'll can do better.

Anonymous said...

The $21 million bridge to nowhere?

Anonymous said...

They laugh at Rene too.

Anonymous said...

Eddie and his son OUTTTT!