Thursday, April 13, 2017


By the Rev. Tony O'Connor
San Felipe Catholic Church 
Cameron Park
Special to El Rrun-Rrun

Big thanks to you, Mr ((Mike) Hernandez and OP 10.33 for the Easter Egg Hunt.
The kids really had a great time the hot dogs were exquisite (I had one too) and the cake was not only pretty but tasty. 

Amazing how little three , four and five year olds managed to head off the biggies and get some eggs in their baskets or buckets.

We are excited about the cooler (for food for purchased from the RGV Food Bank) which will soon be ours. This will certainly assure that the product donations lasts a little longer and in time to get out to the people. At present we have onions outside which are perfuming half of Cameron Park (just joking).

I think you may have set the cat among the pigeons!
After not getting bread since November from the RGV Food Bank, and very little in the way of agricultural products, we have suddenly been the recipients of tomatoes (coming out of our ears) mangos, lettuce, cabbage, small cucumbers, radishes, potatoes and onions and bread is now arriving every week. So thank you for giving them a bit of a nudge. They can't punish you complaining, Our situation could be different.

You had mentioned the possibility of OP 10.33 offering $400 a month to subsidize our purchases from the Food Bank . I mention this since our supplies are low and any extra cash flow could be a great help. Do you have any news on that front? Excuse me for asking.

Have a good weekend, Thanks to Mr. Hernandez and OP 10 33 for your interest.

(Ed.'s Note: After we our post, a spokesman for San Felipe Catholic Church notified us that they will receive the $400 from OP 10.33 to pay the the RGV Food Bank "handling" charge to receive food donation.)  


Anonymous said...

NO MATTER how many baskets Mr. Hernandez gives, how many thank you notes the local priest writes, how much money he gives to the food bank, as long as he keeps the company he keeps on a local basis, he will NEVER be welcomed as a person that cares about the community.
* De buenas intenciones esta empedrado el camino del INFIERNO.
Please go away Mr. Hernandez. Brownsville for Brownsville.

Proud Liberal said...

to Anonymous who commented on April 13, 2017 at 11:25 AM......

Not sure who gave you the authority to speak for everybody else & ban ANYBODY from the City of Brownsville.

I am not a big fan of Mr. Hernandez but he is entitled to spend HIS MONEY any way he wishes and to congregate and support anybody he wishes. This is, after all, the United States of America and the Home of the Free.

Anonymous said...

Exactly couldn't have said it better myself.

Anonymous said...

People here will sell their souls for a free taco to feed their kids. Thanking the church for the freebies, the same church that stopped them from getting birth control or abortions. It's a cycle. More kids, more poverty, more need, and pedophile church stays in demand, cause it gives out the handouts. Just look the other way when the priest feels up your son or checks out his little ass while he's bending over looking for those easter eggs.