Saturday, April 22, 2017


(Ed.s Note: If anyone is thinking of announcing against JP 2-3 Mary Esther Sorola, they might want to reconsider after looking at some of the photos sent in from her golf fundraiser.

One of our from the seven readers sent in these photos from the event and it looks like the affair was a "smashing" success.  Event such as these are becoming the norm, not the exception. We remember when all a candidate had to have was an IBM electric typewriter and a Xerox copy machine to formulate their fliers and manufacture their campaign literature. Things have gotten a mite more complicated now with consultants, ad agencies and media buyers.

But if you get a turnout like this, it makes potential opponents think twice about entering the fray. "Got Justice?")


Anonymous said...

ok, as long as she doesn't want to build hike and bike and golf cart trails

Anonymous said...

It would be ridiculous for any prospective candidate to give up based on a golf tournament....which tells us nothing about what this candidate does or does not believe about the needs of the justice system or her position. It was a nice day for golf and perhaps these folks had nothing better to do than play for the money. Any prospective candidate for this position has a chance; just get organized and get out there.

Anonymous said...

Due to the attendance at the golf tournament dont mean that no one will post up to this STICK UP HER ASS JP