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"Our team is keeping it clean, and I'm proud of that. After all, the voters are the ones that will decide. Regardless...:" Yesenia Gonzalez Costilla, SBCISD Losing Slate Supporter

By Juan Montoya
The dust hasn't settled yet from from the tussle that erupted over the San Benito CISD board election and already there is word that intrigue and treachery in the form of Brownsville Independent School general counsel Baltazar Salazar will overturn the results in at least two races with as yet uncounted provisional ballots.

Image result for baltazar salazarWhy the BISD general counsel would intrude in that election is not clear, other than he wanted to ingratiate himself with who he thought would win to line his pockets with future legal work. Salazar is already earning $264,000 a year with the BISD.

The slate he supported, and which lost  – Chon Lopez, Mario Silva, Oscar Medrano and Joe D. Gonzalez– was running against a slate composed of Orlando "Papas" Lopez, M.L. Garcia, Victor Rosas, and Angel Mendez. Their opponents on the winning slate say that Salazar contribute $5,300 to each.

We called the SBCISD to ask for the campaign contribution reports and were directed to a number which proved to be disconnected. The Cameron County Elections Office website does not list any of the SBCISD candidates' campaign reports.

Unofficial results before the canvassing of the votes show that the Baltazar Salazar slate lost to the other group, but with slim margins. Word in the San Benito district indicates that Salzar is going around saying that when the 13 provisional votes he claims are still out there are counted, the results will change in his slate's favor.

The results as they currently stand are  as follows:
Place 4: 
Orlando Lopez: 1,512
Chon Lopez: 1,055

Place 5:
M.L. Garcia: 1,284
Mario Silva: 1,281

Place 6:
Oscar Medrano: 1,260
Victor Rosas: 1,303

Place 7:
Joe D. Gonzalez: 1,279
Angel Mendez: 1,289
It is obvious that if Salazar's claims are true that the 13 provisional ballots that remain uncounted and the voters have six days (until Friday, May 12) to show their identification proving them to be legitimate registered voters in the SBISD, the totals have the potential of changing the results in the two races (Place 5 and Place 7, where the difference in the totals are, respectively, three votes and 10 votes.

Salazar has gotten involved with the BISD races to the point where he is the main suspect in the setting up of a Political Action Committee to defeat Caty Presas-Garcia in the last election held November 2016. That resulted in court action that is now being heard in Judge Migdalia Lopez's 197th District Court.

In that case, Presas-Garcia is claiming that Salazar conspired to set up a phony PAC specifically to defeat her in the runoff election against Laura Perez-Reyes and that there is no PAC treasurer. She has shown that Juan Flores Leal's address was listed on a vacant lot in a Brownsville barrio, was moved to Houston to a vacant home without utilities owned by Salazar and his wife, and now has been moved to a Ft. Worth address.

Salazar was the only contributor to the PAC in finance reports field with the Texas Ethics Commission.

With this background, it is not difficult to believe that Salazar has gotten involved in the SBCISD races and is trying to manipulate them to his benefit. The provisional votes will be counted Saturday at the county's elections office on Madison Street in Brownsville.


Anonymous said...

Just another power monger who uses his considerable salary to influence elections...to keep his job. It is time Salazar was un-seated.....FIRED! BISD is a corrupt organization where the main players continue to take care of themselves...not the students.

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Anonymous said...

Bunch of sore losers.

Anonymous said...

BALTAZAR is innocent, puto!

Anonymous said...

Salazar wants his boys in so they will select his supt that plans to hire him for the SBISD position as board attorney. Both individuals will want to manipulate both the BISD and SBISD and just mark my words if this doesn't happen. Salazar is as innocent as Donald Trump. I hope Caty gets him good para que se le quite lo baboso! Go Caty, girl!

Anonymous said...

I would be pissed if I spend over 20 thousand dollars and had nothing to show for it.

Anonymous said...

Give us a break

Anonymous said...

Our team is keeping it clean, and I'm proud of that. After all, the voters are the ones that will decide. Regardless...:" Yesenia Gonzalez Costilla said......Ok who the hell is this lady trying to kid??? Her, her family and their little group of San Benito Bullies are most corrupt and dirtiest politicians in San Benito!! They thought they had it in the bag..lol..they thought it was going to be a landslide but it wasn't! Now this just proves how corrupt they actually are if the San Benito races are being influenced by dirty Brownsville Politics! Just look into the canidates that ran! They all have questionable work history but I guess to them that's ok! To them if you have done illegal and unethical things in the past that makes you the perfect candidate to run! Just look at this ladies brother Adrian Gonzalez who is now the Constable in San Benito. He is an individual who has the most questionable past of them all and was supported by all these individuals on the losing slate. He was fired from the DA's Office for failing a drug test.He would have secret meetings with local crackheads for sexual favors in the cemetery while working as a police officer in Rio Hondo. Has had issues with drugs,alcohol even a DWI but yet after all that he was still hired as a Police Officer for San Benito ISD. Of course his father "Sloppy" Joe Gonzalez was on the school board at the time. Hmmmm...coincidence? Now Sloppy Joe managed to get back on the school board using his corrupt ways and now what a coincidence all the Gonzalez family works for the school district. What political favors did these corrupt individuals promise?? Recently a police officer position was opened in San Benito ISD and of course the position was given to the husband of one of the Gonzale's husband. They all try and play the innocent routine, but everyone knows the type of people they are.They all tried hard with the other corrupt bullies (Ronnie Garcia)in San Benito to get these 4 individuals on the school board to have total control of everything! But at the end they failed! Now if there is any changes you will now that corruption played a role in this again!

Anonymous said...

Corruption is the San Benito guey.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 2:26

Please keep the education level of the this blogs followers in mind next time you write a comment.

Its too long and it probably has more words than they have ever read in their lifetime.

Im saddened to inform you that your comment will go unread.

Anonymous said...

Joe D Gonzales was fired from SBCISD and Donna for unscrupulous activities with vendors. Same here. Those financing the campaigns will benefit.
If these do win with so-called provisional ballots are allowed to change the outcome of the election, one would need to question the integrity of the elections administer. What about it Remi?


Anonymous said...

What I am waiting for is the investigation on the x EDC director SALOMON TORRES. The mayor said there was no investigation on Mr. Torres. The chief of police m galavan said they found something and requested an audit. The DA said the case in in the hands of San benito police. Well who is lying ? Corruption written all over San Benito.

Anonymous said...

Se chingaron los quarto pajasos de San bene. Pos I ESTA circo alegria.