Friday, May 26, 2017


By Juan Montoya
At the meeting where former contract attorney pleaded with the City of Brownsville commissioners to change his status to full-time city employee so he could include a child he had with a woman fighting him for child support in his health insurance, he promised that henceforth he would work exclusively for the city.

Some commissioners said that they felt sorry for the child since it was not his fault that he was caught in that predicament through no fault of its own. That decision was made on January 12, when Sossi was in the throes of the child custody-child support fight and was held on Thursday, January 12.

Image result for mark sossi brownsvilleAccording to the minutes of the meeting, the discussion in executive session centered around:  A) Discussion and Possible Personnel ACTION to make City Attorney a City Employee. Commissioner Ricardo Longoria, Jr., moved to proceed as discussed in Executive Session to make City Attorney a City Employee. The motion was seconded by Commissioner Cesar de Leon and carried unanimously.

According to accounts of the meeting, an emotional Sossi pleaded and cajoled the commissioners to change his status since the court child support ordered included the provision that Sossi provide him with medical insurance.

Yet, almost a month to the date, on February 13, Sossi signed a retainer agreement with the City of Mission that would pay him $2,500 a month.
In fact, under that agreement, he has committed to work at least 15 hours a month for Mission. So Since February, the City of Misison has issued checks to "Sossi and Associates" totaling $8,839 (Click on graphics to enlarge).

At the time of the change from contract attorney to full-time employee he was receiving $10,000 a month from the city and another $5,000 a month from the GBIC for a grand total of $180,000 a year.
As far as we know, he stills draws that money minus deductions.

One of the conditions of being a full-time city
employee is that you are prohibited from working  simultaneously for another employer. In other words, you cannot serve two masters. Yet, Sossi, on February 13, 2013, signed the retainer agreement to advise the City of Mission "in matters regarding police, fire, labor, employment and civil service when requested..."

Additionally, under the agreement, Sossi is required by his contract to "attend all Civil Service meetings and/or hearings and shall represent the commission. The attorney shall be available for

consultation with the client at reasonable times, at the request of the client."

Now, we happen to know that Sossi – used to living high off the hog and lavishing his cash on wine, women and song – has fallen on hard times. No one blames him for scratching for cash where he can. In fact, we have published posts here where we show that the U.S. Internal Revenue Service has issued several liens against him for unpaid taxes totalling a whopping $565,593.70.

But the rules are the rules. If one of the conditions of changing the status from contract attorney to a full-time city employee, the agreement with Mission – and the $2,500 monthly retainer – are clear violations of the conditions of employment. Now that the makeup of the city commission has changed, is anyone going to make the city administration enforce the rules? Or do they apply to different people differently?


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So what?!!!! U have been after this guy for years y NADA. Get off your crippled caballo, juan!

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Third paragraph: things "center on," not "center around".

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May 26, 2017 at 11:44 AM

Hey Mr. "So What", could you detail to us what is it that you would like Juan to do? Are you after him to cease publishing his blog? If you do not like it, why are you continuously here with your "so what" comments?

Do you have something to contribute, other than your incomprehensible comment of "so what"? Why should Montoya or any of us care about your comment? Are you an eminent authority on journalism, a newspaper editor, a published author, or even an English professor? If you were someone of import, maybe we give you some credibility, but an anonymous childish comment of so what, guarantees that nobody will care about your rantings.

Lastly, what is the name of your blog? If you can do better, put your money where your mouth is, and show us.

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Fire sossi!!!!
Gud job Juan don't listen to 11:44AM
SoSSI probably bangs him too!

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Me think Anonymous must be Norma Linda Castellano.....who considers herself to be the "Queen" of the English language. She is a piece of work and a total beatch.

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The lying, deceit, lack of ethics and lack of transparency by Sossi, as city attorney, is a reflection of the entire administration of Mayor Tony Martinez. There is surely no leadership in this administration and no oversight of the officials, such as Sossi. Sossi is a self indulgent and arrogant asshole, who needs to be fired. But, since he tells the mayor what the mayor wants to hear....he cheat the taxpayers of Brownsville.

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Why does this surprise you? Sossi lying, big deal.

It'll be news when he isn't lying.

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Why don't you write your own blog where you can talk all the shit you want? So tired of seeing your idiotic remarks.

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I think it is spelled "biatch"!

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I agree with "so what".

The internet has brought many positive things, but one of the most negative effects unfortunately, is the alterego and bullying that emerges from anonymity. Not just on el Rrun Rrun, you see the same effect on the Fox news comments, cnn and elsewhere.

People who in real life are kind and considerate, once online start spewing vulgarities, become vicious, cruel, racist, finger pointing gossips. Like they suddenly came down with Tourette's.

You wonder, is unfiltered human nature simply cruel? Or is the internet eroding basic human decency?

Have we forgotten Jesus' message "he who is without sin, cast the first stone". why does this happen? All the people writing nasty comments are themselves sinners and if you turned the spotlight on their lives lol what dark and unsavory secrets would you find! What causes regular Christian and Catholic people to transform into these judgemental monsters as soon as their fingers hit a keyboard? Reading online comments is truly the saddest reflection of our lives in modern times. This too easy dehumanization of others, the desire to single out and bully, the erosion of values of compassion, phony online personas and hero /villain narratives. Forgetting we are all part of this community and in this together.

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Mr."So What?" is Duardo Paz-Martinez, the ultimate blog poser!

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