Thursday, May 25, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: No, the female veteran isn't riding herd on the city's maintenance workers trimming fronds from the sabal palms at Veterans Memorial Park on Central Blcd. They were probably sent out to give the place a manita de gato before the Memorial day ceremonies there this coming Monday. One of our seven readers couldn't help him/herself and sent us this and told us it reminded them of Cool Hand Luke when the mean warden is making dig a hole and asks him whether he is going to be a good boy. Luke replied that he wouldn't "backslide" to end his punishment. Last time we looked, it seems like the city guys weren't backsliding either and the place looked a lot better."


Anonymous said...

So what?!!!!! Agarrenmela, Bola De Pendejos. Memorial Day THIS, mamones!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Blue Jean Major Tony will bring her down the expressway and have her stand guard on those people who never clean our expressway or the palm trees that actually have palm fronds handing down the exit railings such as Exit 1A at International Blvd. Our highway is the dirtiest one in the whole valley and my question is why our leaders make no effort to clean it up or get those responsible to do it. To fill in one pothole, 5-9 men stand around approving the work that one man is doing fill the hole. Spread them around and get to work making Brownsville a clean city like Harlingen and McAllen, which are always a pleasure to visit.