Thursday, June 22, 2017


By John Young and Barbara Hill
State Representative Eddie Lucio III has been hired by Valley Crossing Pipeline, LLC. to represent their legal interests as they prepare to build a pipeline across our county and underneath our South Bay.

His employment by this company prevents him from discussing this explosively important issue with his constituents. It is a conflict of interest. We demand that our elected state representative do his job and represent THE PEOPLE - not private interests.

This is a 48 inch natural gas pipeline that will be operating at a pressure of 1,750 pounds per square inch. The blast zone radius will be just over 1/4 mile. At 168 miles in length, it will be going from Hwy 507 and the Cameron/Willacy county line all the way down to our local Port of Brownsville. Then under the ship channel, under South Bay, over Brazos Island, and then under the Gulf headed towards Mexico.

There have been no public notices about this pipeline, no public meetings. But the company has already started building the pipeline. It started building at the Aqua Dulce Hub northwest of Kingsville in April. It has been negotiating with our Port to build a compressor station there and to run the pipeline under the ship channel.

When a pipeline like this is built, it makes it easier and cheaper for other companies to build additional pipelines through the same areas. This pipeline will be taking natural gas to Mexico.

 The Aqua Dulce Hub makes it likely that other companies will soon be heading our way to do the same. Other pipelines are already planned to take natural gas from the Hub to our Port to be liquefied (LNG) and shipped overseas.

The company is using the eminent domain laws to persuade Cameron County landowners to cooperate with it. It negotiates payment agreements with landowners, but has also filed Petitions For Condemnation against landowners who don't accept the company's final best offer.

The Texas Railroad Commission and the US Department of Transportation Pipeline and Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) are supposed to inspect such pipelines to ensure that they are being operated correctly and safely. But they don't have enough authority, inspectors, or political backing to do the job even half right.

The cards are all stacked in favor of the pipeline companies, against the landowners. And nobody else get to have any say or any compensation even if their house is in the blast zone of a pipeline running through their neighbor's property. Even though that puts their life and property in danger, can lower the value of their property, and can mean more pipelines headed their way. Not even if their child attends a school in the pipeline's Blast Zone.

Which is why we need to fight this pipeline and other like it. By finding out all we can, organizing, protesting, and taking political action. To change the eminent domain laws and get the protection we need from the Texas Railroad Commission, the Texas Commission for Environmental Quality, and PHMSA. To have a say about what we want and don't want for ourselves and for our neighbors in our small part of the world. And to have our elected officials stand with us in this fight.

Our next meeting will be at:

The 7th and Park Coffee Shop
This Thursday Evening, June 22
1554 E. 7th St (across 7th St from Linear Park), Brownsville
6:00 to 7:00 pm.

The demonstration against our state representative will  be held:
Monday Morning Morning, June 26
8:30 to 10:30 am
In the courtyard behind the Paseo Plaza Mall
1805 East Ruben Torres Blvd., Ste B-27, Brownsville 

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Anonymous said...

I am pro-LNG. NEED JOBS, BUEY!!!! Go Lucio, go!

Anonymous said...

El Culo No Unido, Siempre Sera Vencido!

Anonymous said...

Just another example that for Eddie Lucio III (The Turd) his constituency is special interest, not the citizens of this region. By taking this job with the LNG he has taken sides with outside interests against his constituents....just as his "Daddy" has done regularly. So, the LNG people have brought in their first jobs.....lawyers who will take up sides against the citizens. When will the voters of this region realize that the Lucios are out for themselves and will sell us out to fill their pockets.

Anonymous said...

@10:45 am

I agree with you, we NEED jobs. But do you really want jobs that will could possibly impact the health of your kids, grand kids and possibly even yourself? I know there's data out there that says that LNG's do not cause any harm to the local area or even the local residents, but are you really going to hand in a basket your family's health to a for profit natural gas corporation and let them decide what's good for you?

Yes, LNG's will bring a lot of jobs to Brownsville, but after the constructions of the liquefaction plants are done, now what? We will still have employment problems!! LNG's are a short term fix to the real problem we have in Brownsville, which is high quality education. I know it's hard for a lot of people including myself, but when it comes to LNG's we have to think long term.

El Nuevo Director

Anonymous said...

I wonder if he has recused himself in all matters pertaining to the LNG issue and whether his crooked father is also in on the plan to make brownsville and the port one giant gas station. With corrupt legislators like these, who needs enemies.

Anonymous said...

This region is NOT the north or north east where people actually go out (more than 20 people please)and TAKE A STAND. This is NOT the 1980's when people from the WHOLE VALLEY and Matamoros did a community and regional protest against the ship that was going to burn waste in the gulf waters. Back then, the mayor and the commission supported the citizens and the ship sailed never to come back.
Jobs? HOW MANY locals ARE trained in those jobs? Who are going to get the jobs? The people from Matamoros (like the ones working at the Marathon Letorneau?)If the "Maquiladoras" were on THIS SIDE you could train citizens to work in those factories. Right now OUR MAYOR, OUR city commission are colluded with the LNG people so NOTHING is going to happen because our local politicians have one vision : THEMSELVES.

Anonymous said...

Aren't you friends with Lucios, juan? claro que si!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing for us, let it happen. If we don't someone in another coastal area like Louisiana will take it. Accidental explosion? IT'll be built with the safety issues nailed down. These investors have enough sense to make it work safely.

Anonymous said...

I am thinking that the constitution needs to have some amendments added on to it where it states that anyone who runs for a political office should be retired and have no ties or relatives in the community, to avoid conflict of interests. Otherwise, maybe a better salary for political positions so they won't have to resort to working for a living in a real job. You must not know anybody, gone to school with anyone, not be related to anyone and have no friends that may be mistaken for being on the take. What a shame? I hear the new city commissioner is trying to get the fire chief fired because someone does not like him on the school board. So you see, that is how politics works. A job earned through the merit system has not conflict of interest with an elected official and any judge should know that.

Anonymous said...

They learn from Oliveira. You stupid voters kissing ass. Channel 23 recognized a blogger tonight for breaking news however they did not mention blog name. You stupid fools know el rrunrrun conquers. Mchale sucks ass. Wightmen sucks etc.....?. WKE UP YOU STUPID CRYING FOOLS. Montoya should be recognized with a statue of him at Dean Porter Park. Watching channel 23 tonight with a party at my house increased Montoya respect and Oliveira came out wiping sweat from his face everyone got disgusted .

Anonymous said...

Another very low turn out tonight at the coffee shop.

Anonymous said...

Says fatass Ruben O'bell, comment #1

The LNG companies have already stated there will only be jobs for 5-7 years. After that, they won't need anyone. Yet cancer, birth defects, poison water, land grabs, potential explosion incidents and irreversable health and property damage will continue for 100's of years.

Anonymous said...

Pinche RATA culero. Get a real job Turd instead of shaking down people for "legal services" which we all know is a cover for you being a bottom-feeding, backdoor dealing, constituent back-stabbing piece of shit. You host bullshit environmental and water summits, but you're just a lying piece of shit. You don't deserve to be our State Representative. If you want to whore out your services, do it on your own time and not while you should be representing your constituents.

Anonymous said...

El Nuevo Director for STATE REP

Please run

The three turds has already exposed himself as a sellout. We need options.

Anonymous said...

A ver si dices eso cuando te salga cancer en el culo, pendejo.