Thursday, June 15, 2017


On Tue, May 30, 2017 at 9:42 PM Jim Chapman <> wrote:

Dear Steering Committee Members,
As you know, SaveRGVfromLNG is having a fundraiser on June 17. We need to raise money to hire an environmental attorney to represent us in the approaching Corps of Engineers permitting and the Draft Environmental Impact Statements. 

We've already sold a few tickets online, but most of our ticket sales will have to come from your asking friends and supporters to buy tickets. So we really need your help. Here's the event info:
When: Saturday June 17, 5 to 7 pm
Where: Half Moon Saloon in Brownsville
What: Catered BBQ plate (Ram's BBQ in La Feria) and music by Chris Marshall
Tickets: $30

Please respond to me & let me know how many tickets you think you can sell. I will then get that number of tickets to you in the next few days. Our sales goal is 80 tickets. Also, let me know if you need a list (w/phone numbers) of people to call. We have a lengthy list of supporters.
Ram's BBQ needs to know the exact numbers of plates on June 10, which means we have 10 days to sell tickets. When you make a sale the person can either write a check and get a paper ticket, or can buy their ticket online, and we will have their name when they get to the door. If you have any questions call me. 571-0545
Andale! Jim

On May 30, 2017 10:14 PM, "Rebekah Hinojosa" <> wrote:

Hi all--
I added instructions to the facebook event on how to purchase a BBQ ticket via our Gofundme.

I also included an option to purchase one $30 bbq ticket on the gofundme.

Step1: Click Donate
Step2: Click BBQ ticket
Step3: Write a note at the bottom
Step4: Click DONATE


Anonymous said...

You may not want to sell tickets for BBQ because someone mayb choak on it then you would have to use the money to defend your organization from a damage suite.

Anonymous said...

Hey Juan you're back
Long weekend huh
Te Cayo el disability o te fuiste con una ruca?

Anonymous said...

I stepped into a stripes a while ago and they had a sign that said "now hiring cooks"

Surprisingly, I was told they have a hard time finding women who know how to make flour tortillas from scratch.

Get used to that sign.

Anonymous said...

Do not vote for Rene Oliveira. He is a homewrecker. He is a womanizer . he is no good for our area. He just cares about his own well being

Anonymous said...

We will go if Rene Oliveira does not go. I want to take my girlfriend who is real pretty and sexy, but I dont wNt Rene Oliveira staring at her like he always does in front of his date. Also he sweats so much and shakes peoples hands with so much sweat and something can spread amongst everyone. My family and friends will not vote for him because of his unethical immoral backbone.

Anonymous said...

Well I understand why it's at the Half-Moon. Now who in the hell knows where the place is located... I cant find an address any place on this announcement and that is Half-Ass...Gish... really professional... I guess I will just hang out @ the Full-Moon...

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! These idiots can't even raise $5,000.00 amongst themselves! Give it up anti JOBS protesters , You lost . LNG is on the way! Have you seen all the progress along HWY 48? Awesome! Jobs on the way!

Anonymous said...

Rene drinking heavily again at cobbleheads last night . staring at all the ladies. A certain waiter follows him to his house gets down for thirty seconds and leaves. I wonder what waiter drops off

Anonymous said...

No Mexican is going to pay $30, juan! Get real, shit, bro.

Anonymous said...

Anti LNG people, theres a place called the Amazon Rainforest. I know what your thinking, "I don't have an amazon account" NO.. this place is an actual, physical, tangible place on Earth. Its located in South America, mostly in Brazil, but also extends to other countries or maybe just one other country. Any how, I think you all should go there. Its massive! many many trees and vegetation!! Its inhabited by a few indigenous tribes who are super friendly and kind, I suggest you go meet them and hug them, they love that.

You and the indigenous tribes have many things in common, like protecting the rain forest or local vegetation. They despise Elon Musk and LNG, high tension wires, etc. Its PERFECT! go! go now!! Its your calling!

Remember, Fly Brownsville so make sure to book a flight at the local airport. It would be hypocritical of you not too.

They love BBQ too, you should volunteer for the BBQ Fridays they have. They have to hunt their food, so don't expect Lone Star Cards, OK.

Anonymous said...

LNG is coming!!!! When LNG ships are being built at the port, that might be a signal that those ships will leave the port full of gas. Don't believe the anti-LNG folks have a chance against all our legislators, and local officials. This area needs jobs........and this anti-LNG group is anti-job. P.S. Speaking of being full of gas; Rene Oliviera is so full of gas that he sweats profusely. He is a womanizer and seems to be engaged to Captain "Boob's" ex-wife. Or, he has her really fooled! Let's hope Rene will be voted out of office....he's a "Boob" too.

Anonymous said...

Men can make tortillas too or maybe the real problem is finding someone to work shitty hours for shitty pay.

Anonymous said...

The pro LNG guy making fun of the people who can't afford a $30 ticket to save their livelihoods doesn't realize he is the punchline.

The fishermen are suffering. The shrimpers are suffering. South Padre is still being rebuilt after the hurricane. We all rely on, no, need our tourists.

So some legislator who is only in office because of his name, who has never had an opponent, always had the benefit of politiqueras and straight ticket palanca voting, felt his golf game was more important than the livelihood of all of us.

We may not have an extra $30 for this fund raiser, but this fucker is going down hard on election time. Sell us out, go down with the ship too mofo.

Anonymous said...

Hey dip shit, he is making fun of the price of the ticket, not the people who can't afford it. You are a Typical anti job moron. Yes, I am making fun of you. You all never voted for him in the first place so you don't make a difference. You are to lazy to work so fuck off, get a good job and quit crying.