Saturday, July 29, 2017


By Juan Montoya

It is often said that the only time a family comes together is when a member marries or someone dies.
In the case of Brownsville family, it was a tragedy where a mother and toddler died and six children were left orphans.

That tragedy has united diverse groups and individuals to come to their aid since Janet Jimenez, 29, and her two-year-old, Yahel Ruben Cruz, were stuck by a car as they walked along South Padre Island Highway. He died immediately and the mother hung on for another day before she passed away. Jimenez was  single mother and the only other guardian the children have is a grandfather who came from Florida who is also handicapped.

The children range in ages from 8 to 15 years old and attend Brownsville Rivera Early College High School, Perkins Elementary and Egly Elementary School.

The outpouring of support extended the children has ranged from:

*assistance with the burial of the victims from Mike Hernandez's OP 10.33 through local representative George Gavito who pitched in for burial expenses

* school kids fundraising by washing cars at city commissioner Jessica Tetreau's car wash business

* Brownsville Independent School District grief counselors providing grief counseling

* Ambiotec's Carlos Marin contributing $1,500 to purchase the burial plots at the Guillen Community Cemetery, and

* the Cameron County District Attorney's Office stepping in to expedite benefits through the Texas Victims Assistance Program.

Now others have taken up the banner and stepped forward to provide the six orphans with shelter, clothing, and food.

OP 10.33 and a group of six other volunteers are now seeking a home for the children so they can stay together. A friend of the deceased mother has been letting them stay with her. She was with Jimenez when she was struck by the car and her child died.

So far, the group has raised some $11,000 to help the orphans.
But it doesn't stop there.

*The Ozanam Center Director Victor Maldonado has pledged that his organization will pay the first three months of rent when they find a suitable home.

*And just today, J.C. Penney's Store Manager Griselda Garcia held a "Christmas in July" for them where they were treated to a shopping spree to give them shoes clothing for the coming school year.

*Garcia also donated a 2009 Pontiac Montana van for their transportation.

*The staff at the Red Barn has collected donations for them and

*the Texas Roadhouse will hold a fundraiser August 15 where a percentage of their sales will be donated for the kids.

*The group has also set up an account at the Lone Star National Bank where Rusty Brechot, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales Manager for Cameron County will take in donations pending the setting up of an account.

"The community has come together as never before," OP 10.33's representative Gavito said. "We're hoping that the Brownsville Fire Dept. Chief Carlos Elizondo will donate a percentage of the funds they raise at the leadership ball for his department's community outreach fund to the kids. What better purpose than to help out these children who have no one to turn to?"


Anonymous said...

Keep an eye on the Gordo Castro, sooner or later he will start doing his own fund risings in the name of the kids, and keep the money.

Anonymous said...

Do they have relatives? Who will be responsible for them?

Anonymous said...

All of you dumbasses who keep talking shit on who has donated and for publicity. Who care if its for publicity, this children are getting much needed help. Thank you who have donated. You idiots who talk shit, step up and donate pendejos!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

To those who commented above....
Person stating where the help has been for other cases. Please mention another case where there has been 6 orphans due to tragedy. I also do hope you look out for these kids in the next 18 months. That you make another donation like the one you have already done. If you haven't then quit complaining.

What does the moms age have to do with anything?? At the end it's still 6 orphan kids. Don't loose focus on the big picture.

Person talking about those who have donated. Calling people out for trying to make things public. Let's start with you putting your name. It seems like you know them well and have so many things to say! These individuals are at least putting a picture and name to such a good cause. Stop fucking complaining and start Donating!

Anonymous said...

As long as Jessica T. is taking ALL the credit people have quit donating. People like to give to good causes but not to her. She is a narcissist that capitalizes on other people misfortune. She is always flaunting her fake wealth to those less fortunate.