Saturday, July 29, 2017


Peggy Noonan
Wall Street Journal

"The president’s primary problem as a leader is not that he is impetuous, brash or naive. 

It’s not that he is inexperienced, crude, an outsider. It is that he is weak and sniveling.
It is that he undermines himself almost daily by ignoring traditional norms and forms of American masculinity.

He’s not strong and self-controlled, not cool and tough, not low-key and determined; he’s whiny, weepy and self-pitying. 
He throws himself, sobbing, on the body politic. 

He’s a drama queen.

It was once said, sarcastically, of George H.W. Bush that he reminded everyone of her first husband. Trump must remind people of their first wife. 

Actually his wife, Melania, is tougher than he is with her stoicism and grace, her self-discipline and desire to show the world respect by presenting herself with dignity. Half the president’s tweets show utter weakness. 

They are plaintive, shrill little cries, usually just after dawn.

His public brutalizing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions isn’t strong, cool and deadly; it’s limp, lame and blubbery."


Anonymous said...

Trump me la pela! lard-ass

Anonymous said...

He may be a "drama queen", but after the divisive nature of the Obama administration, perhaps it take drama to put "humpty dumpty America" together again.

Anonymous said...

Hate to disagree, but Trump is a president that has been in the makings for along time. He is a president with "BALLS", he is going to do what he says and you best accept it.

Anonymous said...

If Cameron County had a Trump how long would Saenz be in office?

Anonymous said...

Wait for Acts II & III, then come back and write the same thing. Trump is a character made for a tragedy. He wants and needs to fail...

Anonymous said...

I am NOT a Democrat but with Trump as president I would not be knocking on the doors of the Republican party in the close near future.
I am an educated woman, Trump likes witches like Kelly Ann and make believe Christians like Sarah Huckabee. President with "balls" that uses twitter instead of facing a congress that is starting to disagree with his "policies".
A president with "balls" that has lost them when the only person that likes him around the world is his buddy Vladimir Putin, doesn't know where he left his "balls" when the little fat oriental from North Korea launches missiles every other week and pretty soon will hit a U.S. city and all he does is "barff". A president with a lot of "balls" who threatens the state of Alaska, two female senators and a man with brain cancer of his own party because they refuse to go along so he can say "I WON".
Yeap, he sure is a great president to THOSE WHO ARE EXACTLY LIKE HIM IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE.
Obama's "divisive" presidency was caused because 1)Old white mentality of "black man" in the white house (Remember McConnell said they would NOT let anything pass. Now the shoe is on the other foot)
2)If Obama's presidency was "divisive" this one is already split in half . It's only been 6 months.

Anonymous said...

So, we are to sit back and allow this dictator to bully everyone around? He is building the first Olympian Bullying Team but his mouth is full of meiarda that he doesn't shit himself. He has no idea of what he says cause he lets others tell him
what to say y el pendejo se cree! I just sit back and laugh at his pendejadas.

Anonymous said...

Keep writing that shit @ 11:51 AM and you'll soon be sitting in Matamoros, you disloyal Mexican!

Anonymous said...

I'll agree with just about anything negative you want to say about Trump on a personal and political level and further agree that he is many things but dictator is not one of them. At least not yet. He was legally elected and that makes him a democratically election president not a dictator. If he is legally deposed from office and refuses to cede power then he is a dictator but do you really think he could retain power if he is impeached and removed from office? Do you really think the military would support him? No, he would go.

Anonymous said...

You that support him better not be on food stamps and all that free crap, for Trump could save face if he carried through with his treats and get rid of these entitlement hand-outs. And 1:53 blog, you are more Mexican than I am and I've never stepped on Mexican soil for fear of contamination from feces you left behind.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I hear that Trump has also fired La Dr. A de Rio Hondo. Is that true?

Anonymous said...

I hate Trump because he wants to take away my food stamps and housing and he wants to make me work. How dare he? I hate him.

Anonymous said...

Its too bad the news networks only want to portray him as evil, therefore only broadcast material that portrays him as such.

I would much rather make that decision for myself with all the information thats out there for me. So the verdict is-- the media is the enemy at this point. That can change when they broadcast ALL the White House is doing.

Statistics show that 75% of CNN broadcast is Russia, and not one staff member, carpet bagger, or anyone in the totem pole has been charged with anything regarding Russia. NADA! So Im calling it bull shit.

Im educated enough - let me make my own decisions and until I hear all the story - CNN is the "conspirator"

As far as him being a KKK - you don't have to go outside this blog to find people who are racist.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...
I hate Trump because he wants to take away my food stamps and housing and he wants to make me work. How dare he? I hate him.

July 30, 2017 at 10:11 PM

I DONT Hate Trump. I DISAGREE with the way he wants to establish his policies. I DONT get Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, I make above average $$ and worked for my PRIVATE INSURANCE and PRIVATE retirement and YES, I live in the RGV.
I disagree with a man that is almost in love with his own daughter, a man that thinks twitter is a way to communicate to every american. NOT every american has twitter, a man that tells the police it's ok to beat up (shake up) people, someone that admits he can do anything including touch women by their genitals just because he is rich or famous (DONT BRING UP CLINTON, HE WAS ALSO WRONG). If you bring up hate maybe YOU have that feeling towards those less fortunate than you.