Sunday, July 23, 2017


By Juan Montoya
We see where the commissioners of the City of Brownsville have approved a new ordinance for the historic Old City Cemetery  at their last meeting.
Under the new rules, there will be no partying, fornicating, or otherwise untoward activity permitted there and paranormal groups will now have to get permission to communicate with the ghosts who live there. The new rules also state that no one is allowed to take anything from the graves or to cut any plants growing there.

Apparently, there are a number of paranormal groups in town who engage in seances to reach out beyond the dimension of life to see the ones on the other side, as Ozzy likes to say. Did you know, for example, that there are some 30,000 dearly departed stacked there? It' got to be  bit crowded and one of the commissioners quipped that perhaps some of the breaks in the brick wall could be attributed to some of them wanting out.

Anyway, people coming back from the Great Beyond seemed so much bunk to me until recently, when I visited a friend who lives nearby. Apparently his family has relatives buried there and when his father was alive he used to take them as kids to clean the plots. His dad was a devout Catholic and kept an altar in his house where he prayed daily. This will probably banish me from his house forever, but it's worth telling.

On one of those outings to the Old City Cemetery, my friend saw some pretty bright red artificial flowers on one of the graves and thought it would be nice take one home to his mom who had stayed at home.
So her picked one and took it home for her.

That night, as the family slept, they heard footsteps in the hallway and when  they looked, no one was there. This happened on consecutive nights until his dad asked him where he had gotten the red flower he gave his mom. When he told him it was from one of the graves at the Old City Cemetery near the family plot, his father took it, placed it on the altar, and the family said a prayer.

The footsteps in the night stopped after that.


KBRO said...

They're not paranormal investigators. They're romantic necromancers spreading dead flowers and fornicating with the dead.

AT said...

A lot of weird things happen around and inside the cemetery. I'm a skeptic, not gonna lie, but I have seen some manifestations around the cemetery.

Diego Lee Rot said...

My great grandma could talk to the dead

Anonymous said...

Pasa, para andar iguala.

April Clive said...

I used to work with a security company who took care of the city cemetery at night. And there is a similar story where a family went to visit an old family member buried there and as they were there, one of their children took some marbles from a child's grave. Apparently, that deceased child went with their marbles and at night, the family's children's toys would be found in the morning in places they weren't left. They discovered the marbles and asked where they were from when the child said they took them from the cemetery. They took them back and it stopped.

Also, theres a child by the name of Daisy stark that's buried there. She was the first pedestrian to die from a horse carriage accident or something. She has lots of toys on her grave, and you can find her ball in different parts of the cemetery as well. Supposedly she plays with it. But I think the neighborhood kids do.

Anonymous said...

Diego for State Rep! "LET'S ROT TOGETHER!"

Anonymous said...

The history and bodies buried there are for some interesting topics of conversation. I truly enjoy walking around and reading the headstones! Shame on our city to allow the grass to get overgrown. I can only imagine what visitors to the cemetery think of the way we respect the one's buried there.

Anonymous said...

Javier, stop masturbating on the tombs.

Anonymous said...

But the City Cemetery official, GF, is busy playing with his religious
toys and talking his biased head off with the part of history he wants to spread. This cemetery is one that should be in tip-top condition considering the extent of it's historical value. Someone should take it upon himself to
organized a project to identify those stones that have been messed up or knocked down and locate the place where they should be and replace them. This could be a very vital community project for all those that receive free this and free that or even the prisoners, pero se le escapan a Lucio.
Most of the families of those buried there no longer live in the area, if they live at all, so the plots are not taken care off as they should. There
is no one to take them flowers, just like the ones at the old part of the
Buena Vista Cemetery with no live descendents. Que lastima!