Friday, August 4, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: Summertime and the living is easy...and slow, it would appear. People are off to vacations, staying in the shade, and abstaining from the scurrilous blogs best they can. We understand.  In fact, one of our blogger friends, Dr. G.F. Mchale-Scully, is somewhere off to the Sierra Nevada or somewhere like that. Our friend Ruben Herrera is somewhere off to places like Italy and two others are on their way to Ireland and Denmark.

We were surprised we have a few readers there to add to our seven local fans.

We have stayed away from the blogs ourselves. Anyway, most of the time what we find is just our stuff warmed over or some studied reaction to one of our posts. Or a synopsis of the national headline news on CNN. We can just watch Wolf Blitzer and reach our own conclusions, thank you. Now is the time to get into the hammock under the shady tree in the backyard and doze off to the clinking of the ice cubes on the cold glass. The kids are getting ready to return to school in Austin, San Antonio, Houston, or some far-off school in the Midwest. Enjoy them while you can. The planets keep going around the sun, the solar system around the center of the galaxy, etc., ad infinitum.

Most of the county and district courts are closed, so things are slowing down there. But things are popping in places like Port Isabel, the Island, San Benito, Harlingen and all over the county as the candidates get ready for the March primaries, just about six months away. Take a deep breath and enjoy the summer while you can.) 


Anonymous said...

Rene Oliveira isn't taking a break. Saw him in a local TV piece, where he stated that Mexico had been side by side with the United States in all our wars. Rene continues to talk like a drunken sailor and all that comes out of his mouth is garbage. Garbage in, garbage out. We need to make sure Rene is NOT re-elected. Slogan....."Anyone but Rene"

AT said...

CNN is the garbage of news