Monday, July 22, 2013


By Juan Montoya
It's summer time and the living might be easy, but for several scores of First Baptist Church of Brownsville teens, it was a time to have a blast, get rid of the cell phones, Internet and iPads, and enjoy the coll water of the river in the Hill Country.
If you can remember back to the days when you were trundled and set off for a couple of weeks to summer camp, you can surely relate to this. Kids get a break, and parents have two weeks not having to worry about them fighting over the computer, the televisions station, or the raging hormones that kicked in in all of us just at about this stage.
Since this was a summer camp, the experience was meant to get the kids away from their electronic gadgets and give them a chance to renew their minds.
This is a Christian camp, so there are some Christian concerts, age-appropriate sermons as well as a chance to do things like rock-climbing, hiking, swimming and just having fun.
Hopefully, they will come back refreshed and unburdened because they are able to share their concerns without fear of judgement during their group sessions.
Last one to jump in the eater is an unrepentant sinner!

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