Friday, September 20, 2013


By David "Alex" Ruiz
To whom it may concern:
My name is David Alejandro Ruiz.
I am the lead singer for Robert Rodriguez's band Chingon and recently wrote and performed with the band Del Castillo for last 12 years.
Needless to say I'm an Austin musician and an Austinite at heart.
I am writing to you in regards to a personal family matter. I would like to put a spot light on recent happenings with the Space X Program in South Texas and how the General Land Office along with Governor Rick Perry and Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos have ignored my family's request to put a halt on deals they are making with private companies for use on privately own lands.
You see, my family found a land title dating back to 1792 in which our family purchased 90,000 acres of land from then the viceroy of Spain and in this title – which has not been seen since – explains that these lands belong to our family forever
They are also protected by the US-Spain Treaty of Adams-Onis dating back to 1819 and the Guadalupe Hidalgo Treaty as well.
We have been denied a fair hearing from even the Texas US Senator John Cronyn and have been tossed from office of Department of Interior back to GLO offices and have not been able to acquire an Austin attorney that would go up against these juggernauts with our case and real title.
I am sincerely asking for the media's help.
I believe with the current debates in Washington and here in Austin, that we hold a true piece of Texas and US history and would like to bring this topic to the forefront for people to know how my family has been disenfranchised and to hold accountable the departments and heads of Texas government with inefficiency and lack of cooperation and willful denial of information.
We would like to know if Texas is committed to the Rules of Law that it and the US Government has placed for all to follow.
We would like to mention that in this last legislature when Governor Perry wanted the Texas Senate and House of Representatives to pass bills regarding closing down the public beach accesses for building and launching of private company Space X. All those bills were passed without any encumbrances or consideration from any of these offices towards my family's land title declaration as they were advised.
We have tried to reach out to local papers in the Lower Rio Grande case in point, Brownsville, Texas , but they are giving preference to Big Business moving in instead of what we hold to be self-evident and rightful to declare.
The freedom of press is easily perverted in South Texas, and equates to or no freedom of press at all.
In conclusion, I would also like to mention that in contrast to the recent drought situation here when Texas Gov Perry wanted Mexico to own up to its obligations under the a water treaty the US made with Mexico in 1949 he quickly referred to this treaty to hasten attention. Why does he, then, ignore the treaty that makes this land ours, and not his to negotiate with a private business?
I leave this information in your hands and hope for your prompt response and support.


Anonymous said...

Oye Cholo, el tratado vale madre. Tu familia esta en mismo bote que los pinche Comanches. El Gringo no respete nada, menos la lechuga verde. Y este juez, Cocos, es un vendido reputocano que tiene verguenza ser mexicanco. Mide, si quieres ser existoso en el Austin, cambia tu forma y sale como "Ted" Cruz, el Cubano que no habla espanol y tampoco sabe bailar. Pero, esto no le quita el maricon. Mete a partido de los reputocanos y te vas a ver tu vida cambiar de dia a noche. Puedes ser el Nuevo morenito.

Anonymous said...

"You see, my family found a land title dating back to 1792 in which our family purchased 90,000 acres of land from then the viceroy of Spain and in this title – which has not been seen since – explains that these lands belong to our family forever. "

"And Joseph Smith was shown the Golden Tablets in a cave...."

windbourne said...

Where is the title? Can you post a copy of it? I suspect that it would help you more to post it.

Anonymous said...

If this guy owns a 90,000 acre, square tract of land that includes Boca Chica Beach, all of the Port of Brownsville and Port Isabel and South Padre Island would also be owned by him. Since the date of his document, Texas has been a republic, part of the US, part of the Confederacy and then part of the US again. My guess is that he has never paid a dime of taxes on the land that he claims to own.

Anonymous said...

This poor idiot needs to read up on the adverse possession laws. He can wipe his ass with is land grant.

The Pissed Off Conservative said...

I am shocked that Montoya lowered himself to post a letter from one hack job who THINKS that he owns some land based on some documents that are 221 years old. Did he forgot that the land purchases from those times were declared void once Texas became parts of the union? A couple of minutes researching this can simply confirm this and yet El Rrun Rrun is giving time to some clown who somehow wants that land to be awarded back to his family. Montoya you are disappointing me.

Anonymous said...

Keep smoke'n that nice Austin mota better find that receipt from Centry 21 or where ever your abueleta bought the beach from.

Anonymous said...

Oye, Punetas! I want to see where you or your family has been paying property taxes on 90,000 acres for over one hundred years. Si me ensenas recibos, then we can talk. Otherwise, put your little title in a pipe and smoke it. Estas igual que mi papa... puros suenos guajiros! Mi papa se quejaba que su familia tambien tenian tierras aqui y alla, pero nunca nadie hizo nada. Your 90K acres are gone, PUNETON!