Tuesday, January 14, 2014


By Juan Montoya
The rumor first reported by Jim Barton on his blog has turned out both to be a rumor (and not) after all.
Jim reported that a commenter had said that former Brownsville Independent School District counsel Mike Saldaña had suffered a serious mishap that had resulted in both hands being sliced off at the wrist when he walked through a plate glass window at the Rancho Viejo Golf Course. The story got even better when other reports surfaced that surgeons had been able to reattach one hand, but not the other.
Well, that just sounded too salacious to be true. And, apparently, it was.
The story we have been able to put together goes something like this.
On the second week of December Saldaña and golfing buddy Joey Lopez – former BISD board member and district clerk candidate –  went on a golf outing to Rancho Viejo. After a few rounds, they headed back to the club house and were going into the pro shop when Mike mistakenly mistook the glass walls to be a door and pushed with both hands. But, alas, they weren't. The resulting rupturing of the plate glass apparently cut Mike's arms and hands and he was bleeding profusely. The ambulance was quickly called and he was taken to Valley Regional Hospital where surgeons worked to stabilize him and stanch the bleeding that resulted from the accident.
Although it wasn't as lethal as some made out the accident to be, we understand that Saldaña had to spend the better part of the week – if not more – at Valley Regional getting treatment.
Just last week a friend of El Rrun-Rrun said he had seen him around town with bandages on his arms and hands but did not venture to ask, indiscretion being the better part of valor.
We don't know if Mike will be able to lift the 12-ounce weights he usually does with the fellas over at Carta Brava or whether doctors want him to maintain a certain thickness in his blood, but we're sure that his golf swing will suffer as a result so it might be some time before he's able to hit the links.
Come to think of it, to a golfer that might constitute the elements of pain and suffering. Mmmm.


Anonymous said...

Se me hace que el "Toque" andava bien tomado y bien prendido.... que pendjo!!!!

el monkey shines said...

you means to tell me que andava asta el tronco? wow