Thursday, January 9, 2014


By Juan Montoya
What a cross in the road that we've come to.
Fist we have a man sentenced to spend the rest of his life in jail after a jury found him guilty of killing a young woman writing a local television station saying that it was all the fault of Cameron County District Attorney Luis Saenz who had fabricated evidence that led a unanimous district court jury to find him guilty and crying that there was a conspiracy against him.
That was  Aroldo H. Cadriel who dumped the body of  20-year-old Brisna Mireles of Harlingen along the side of a road in Combes. Cadriel, by the way, is the cousin of Norma Hernandez, the wife of Pct. 2 commissioner Ernie Hernandez.
The state district court jury that found  Aroldo Cadriel guilty also sentenced him to life in prison for the March 31, 2012 murder. He was facing a punishment range of five to 99 years in prison or a life sentence.
That was yesterday.
Today we have the sentencing of Randall Bolivar, who a district court jury found guilty after one hour of deliberations of chasing 30-year-old Aaron Castillo and shooting the Las Prietas man three times in the back with a rifle as the man tried to escape into his home on Garden Street. The motive? A $500 drug debt for drugs.
It didn't matter that his own brother Rudy Bolivar told the jury that he had brought the weapon to his brother and that another companion – Rolando Garza – both said Randall Bolivar chased down the victim and shot him in the back. Bolivar's attorney, Rebecca Rubane, did her utmost to try to convince the jury that both men were testifying because they had cut a deal with the DA for their testimony. The jury said no.
Instead,  Visiting state District Judge Robert C. Pate agreed with Assistant District Attorney Peter Gilman said because Bolivar killed Castillo while he was on probation, the sentences should be stacked.
He sentenced Bolivar to 45 years in prison for shooting and killing the man over the $500 drug debt.
You can't blame a mother for defending her son. In this case, Mary Ray, the convicted man's mother, has done everything short of strike a deal with the devil to acquire legal representation for her son, a military veteran. She complained long and loud about his treatment at the county lockup and demanded he be allowed certain privileges and access to medical treatment because of his military service. You can't blame her for trying.
Again, it was the bad old authorities who are to share in the blame for the defendants' condition.
Both Cadriel and Bolivar are going to spend a long time in prison. Cadriel will spend the rest of his life there, despite his cries of conspiracy. The jury in the Bolivar case has not decided how long he will spend behind bars.
The families of the victims have already been given a life sentence by the actions of these two murderers who acted as accuser, judge and jury. For them, those sentences can't be long enough.


Anonymous said...

Hey Juan check this out, disbarred lawyer BobbyWC received his payment today from Ernie, he just posted a story on Jonathan Gracia, who is running for Justice of the Peace, against? GUESS WHO??? ERIN HERNANDEZ!!!! and he still denies he is on the Hernandezes payroll!! you have no dignity Bobby!! you are not that pure!! you my friend, are like Erasmo, and I'm not talking about the weight problem....

Anonymous said...

Good Ol' BoobyWC, hey Montoya, remember the following?:
Booby wrote on Sunday, December 1,2013

"Jonathan Gracia - counsel for David Garcia during the investigation and at the time of trial of Raul Garcia. On November 22, Montoya published one of his many posts filled with lies and stated that Jonathan along with Begum will run against Erin Garcia"
You need to die Montoya so Booby can say that he didn't like you but that he respected you, you know, just like he did with Dr. Escobe (RIP).

Anonymous said...

Who really wrote the letter to the media that was presented on TV this week???? If Cadriel is illiterate, as he was described in his trial, who wrote this letter for him?? Presented in the third person....did the TV reporters not investigate?? The DA was wise not to respond to them until the letter is investigated. Did Ernie Hernandez, his wife or others in the family draft this epistle for Cadriel?? And why would the media put this on the air without some sort of investigation?????

Anonymous said...

Last night on TV and in the press today, we have info about the newest "Mr. Amigo" selection. Why was our illustrious mayor in jeans, unshaven; when others were in coats and ties for this announcement. Does 'Da Mayor feel that his dressing down for that ceremony was consistent with his position as mayor? Is he trivializing the ceremony??? His shaggy dog appearance is not in keeping with his job....and we know he has a suit somewhere.

Former law enforcement officer said...

Montoya, the question should be? Why are fellow participants, conspirators and felons getting immunity deals to testify against cohorts to get a conviction?