Thursday, February 19, 2015


(Ed.'s Note: Gun battles have been raging across the border in Matamoros and upriver all the way to Reynosa as warring factions fighting for control of the drug and other illicit trades try to wrest control of the region. From El Control on the northern side of Matamoros to Lucio Blanco on the south, frightened residents report an almost continual war between the factions and the military which usually waits until the skirmishes are done before engaging the survivors. Buses and other vehicles are sued as road block by the different gangs to ambush the other side. In Lucio Blanco, a report of a grisly find of two bodies in a refrigerator fueled concerns of those who have missing relatives. Meanwhile, the bullet-riddled car suspected of belonging to two Brownville men missing since Feb.2 was found parked in a colonia in east Matamoros. Authorities and relatives fear the worse.)


Anonymous said...

Authorities and relatives fear the WORST.


Anonymous said...

this is why gunbattles there is a power vaccum.
also they are ir were trying to resue this perp

Anonymous said...

And yet Mayor Tony Martinez continues to deny that terrorism abounds on the border. Denial of the cartel violence (and perhaps cartel control of the border) clearly demonstrates Tony's head is in the sand and that he continues to be disconnected from the citizens of Brownsville. His ego and his superiority complex; and continued mismanagement makes him a threat to the city and the region. Tony Martinez is a DICK!!