Monday, October 31, 2016


By Juan Montoya
It is no secret that in the past we have chronicled the saga of Erasmo Castro as he built himself up via social media into the Head Cheez of Brownsville Cheezmeh.

Erasmo, along with sister Linda, for a time enjoyed a loyal following and formed a semi-cult with the Cheez editing this Facebook pages from Austin where he lives with reports sent him via texts and cell phone photos of events here in Brownsville.

A theology major, he liberally sprinkles his posts with spiritual admonitions and a proverb or two for good measure.

He has also run unsuccessfully for city positions, including the mayor's seat. Butr alas, those inflated numbers of "friends" in social media have not shown up at the polls and he has lost every time he has run.

Now he is one of four in the race for Place 5 on the board of the Brownsville Independent School District. Others are incumbent Caty Presas-Garcia, Laura Perez-Reyes and one Laura Castro. In fact, much has been made of the fact that Castro has received a donation from the Cameron County District Attorney Luis V. Saenz campaign on September 20.

That's why it seemed incongruous to us that this Sunday an ad in the newspaper charged that Erasmo had committed and been charged with a number of no-nos, including being convicted of a felony when he forged some documents dealing with a car of one of his clients while he was a notary. Others charged that he was listed as a defendant in a number of cases involving immigration fraud and conspiracy to defraud in federal court by dissatisfied clients of his notary public business. The ad was placed there by Cheezmeh nemesis Frank Mar, a former Cheezmeh follower.

We had heard that at least one of his opponents had already compiled evidence of his felony conviction and his serving of probation that would disqualify him from taking the BISD Place 5 position in the unlikely event that he should win.

Now, the dynamics of that race do open the possibility that Erasmo might just be able to pull it off. There are three women on that ballot, and if the Latino women vote is split three ways, the possibility that Erasmo could pull off the upset is very real.

Will the School District legal eagles pull the Morgan Graham Maneuver and refuse to canvass his votes and declare him an ineligible candidate given his felony conviction nof way beak when? Graham, the Republican chair of the local GOP, did just that in the case of former Indian Lake Police Chief John Chambers after he beat out Victor Cortez for the party's nomination to the general election. Will the BISD administration have the ovaries Morgan demonstrated and do the same thing?

To visit Frank Mar's nomorecheezmeh FB page, click on link below:!/nomorecheezmeh/photos/pb.245796332277165.-2207520000.1477930474./552968274893301/?type=3&theater


Anonymous said...

As ugly a candidate as has ever postured himself for elected office. Utterly lost. Get a job, Erasmo

Anonymous said...

Nope,it's part of the plan,if erasmo win,and depending if there's an upset in the majority. Erasmus victory will be the majority victory by not allowing erasmo to take the seat, hence allowing the majority board to appoint one of there own. If the voters don't take the time to research and learn about the candidates nothing will change and corruption will continue. Unfortunately the main corrupt board members, with the exception of c hiring are not up for reelection.

Anonymous said...

He will fit right in with Baltazar and Cesar and coach Joe.

Anonymous said...

Erasmo would burn his own mother for a few likes in his FB page and a seat in any public office.

Anonymous said...

Frank Mar is a scumbag. I'm not saying Erasmo is great either, but Frank Mar has said and done some disgusting things just to get a little bit of attention.

Anonymous said...

Erasmo this, Erasmo that, seriously, like the current board members have done such a great job representing the interests of the students and employees of BISD? PLEASE!
At least he has knowledge of the issues and does not have to be coached how to answer questions at a debate, nor did he leave a debate early because who knows why a certain candidate left early. I voted for ERASMO CASTRO because I want someone on the BISD BOARD OF TRUSTEES
that will work in the interest of BISD.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Talk about confidential facts behind executive board room where Erasmo would be texting off all the facts to the blogs. Is anyone actually serious in having voted for him or intending to vote for him? As it is,
there is already a leak on the board who speaks with a forked-tongue
and blesses all her quotes.