Monday, November 7, 2016


By Juan Montoya
Thanks to the rental bikes installed in the downtown area,
the city facilitated the transportation of at least three illegal immigrants – unless someone was riding double – to a site where they could go multi-modal and jump on a passing train for their trip northward.

Early Saturday, residents near the Rio Del Sol Subdivision out towards FM 511 came upon three abandoned bicycles that were part of the city campaign to encourage people to ride a bicycle instead of driving their cars.

This was perfect for the suspected illegal immigrants who easily disabled the security features on the bike racks and then simply jumped on them to go catch the train northward.
How do we know they may have been stolen by illegal immigrants?
Police found a gallon of flavored water in a gallon jug, a favored method for immigrants to carry water. Also, a pair of shorts left in one of the bike baskets had a pair of shorts that were still wet from crossing the river. But there weren't just any old immigrants, witnesses say.

One of them left a backpack in the haste to scurry away that contained – among other things – a package of condoms for health protection.
All three bikes were abandoned by the railroad tracks by the Rio Del Sol subdivision many miles from downtown.

As far as anyone knew, no one had reported these bikes stolen or missing. According to the city you rent the bikes by the hour or day and opening the locks requires a cell-phone application. Are illegals app-savvy? And is 
there a fund to pay for the bikes' use or has the city figured out a way to charge the illegals?

There is no telling how many thousands of dollars have been spent promoting the use of bicycles, building bike trials, narrowing streets to provide bike lanes for the bike riders who haven't materialized, and choking off business downtown so suburbanites and their progeny can coast down Elizabeth and Washington on the closed streets.

In a way it's good to know that all the travel and wining and dining by city staff and officials in Austin San Antonio supposedly to get the feel and the low down to bring these bikes to our friendly city actually provided someone a service.

They don't call us the All-American city for nothing. We're so friendly we provide free transportation at taxpayers expense to illegals to transport themselves to their ride out of Brownsville to bigger cities with jobs.


Anonymous said...

Stupid waste of money program. Stupid shitty useless health initiatives. All American city, my ass!

Anonymous said...

An example of how our elected officials (Rose Zavaletta Gowen) are out of touch with the reality of living on the border at this time. Large cities, like Washington, DC, have rental bike programs that are very successful...but here we make it easy for illegals to access the bikes and "take off". Despite the bike program and all of the "hopes" of Rose Gowen....our kids are fat (the kids at our house for Halloween were an example....seeking more calories). Does anyone really know how many tax payer funded bikes have been stolen??????

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOLOLO and more LOLOLOLO, How your friend Duardo says, they promote themselves to Einstein level.

Anonymous said...

(How your friend Duardo says)

Friends, huh? I really don't think so.

Anonymous said...

Don't blame Rose Z. Gowen. Blame the citizens that VOTE FOR HER and the ones that DONT GO OUT TO VOTE AGAINST HER.
The same goes for all the comissioners and, of course, the re-election of the same mayor.

Hilaria Clinton said...

Muchas Gracias Senora Gowen por las bicicletas. Usted es muy amable.

Si you podia votar legalmente, you votaria por usted.

Yo ahora necesito una IPAD. Por favor, mandame una para tener una Feliz Navidad.

Anonymous said...

Those undocumented immigrants should come teach BISD students on their skills related to hacking, BISD needs to perform better on STEM. Go illegals!

Anonymous said...

Cause of bullshit like this by these illegals is why I'm voting for Trump! Come on Mexico! Take care of your people.

Anonymous said...

El iPad lo consigues en bisd. No importa que sus hijos viven en matamoros. Nomas register them and after they issue the iPad transfer to idea. hahahahaha.

Anonymous said...

So they rented the bikes, cleaned rose's house, mowed her lawn and headed north. Big deal.

Anonymous said...

Jew estupid people. No wall no problem. Free ride provided to train. Now on our way to chicago. Priceless. Gracias pendejos.

Anonymous said...

Juan, the other day I was renting a bike and along came Sylvia Garza, Erin Hernandez and Jessica Tetrea Kalifa. They wanted to rent one but they exceeded the recommended maximum weight of 300 lbs per bike. I felt bad for them and I want to start a petition so Gowen can get bikes with reinforced solid steel frames and beefier tires, like the ones the triadoras that pick up the sorgo have. Please point me in the right direction.

Please post anonymous. (Bien cheez)