Thursday, December 15, 2016


Special to El Rrun-Rrun

Victims of violent crime and of the Cameron County legal and judicial system will gather Friday in front of the new FBI Building on  Paredes Line Road caddy corner from the HEB on Ruben Torres at 2305 Hudson Blvd.

The protest will be held from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Numerous television stations have said they will cover this unprecedented event.

Among the victims who will participate will be the relatives of Mary Tipton, the victim of a hit-and-run driver who turned
out to be a relative of a Cameron County Sheriff's Department deputy. Her husband Ralph has been attempting to get justice in her case.

Others who said they will attend are the parents of Ivan Reyes, a Cameron County Corrections officer who was gunned down by Marco Antonio Gonzalez at the house of a mutual frined who had a sentimental relationship with Gonzalez. At the time of the incident where Reyes was shot in the chest once and then again in the head as he tried to get away, Gonzalez held the woman hostage for about six hours during which time he had a shootout with law enforcement officers at the scene.

After a mistrial, a jury acquitted Gonzalez of murder, and then a judicial mixup of the jury charge by the judge resulted in him receiving five years for nine counts of aggravated assault against the officers. It is said that after getting credit for time served, he is due to be released sometime before the end of the year.

Organizers are asking the victims to bring a one-page summary of their victim story and at least another 10 copies for the press and officials from Washington who are expected to be there. 
 There have been reports that  Washington is sending DOJ and FBI personnel to monitor the protest, and hopefully investigate the reasons for the protest.


Anonymous said...

Saenz should attend , maybe the FBI will do its job and arrest him on the spot.

Anonymous said...

Useless protest. The grievances cited while clear injustices, are not in the jurisdiction of the FBI. Both cases fall under the state. Its like going to the doctor to try to fix your car.

These protesters should instead protest the state. FBI has no jurisdiction over these cases unfortunately. No federal laws have been broken. They are in the wrong venue for these specific cases.

Those that disagree, just watch and see what changes based on these protests. FBI cannot do anything but bring coffee. Just watch.

Anonymous said...

FBI is clueless