Wednesday, February 22, 2017


By Dr. G.F. McHale-Scully
Image result for jerry mchale, brownsvilleHere we go again as Brownsville, the Third World Capital of the United States, sinks faster than the Titanic in an ocean of ignorance, impoverishment and corruption. The band keeps playing with Ben Neece on lead guitar, Erasmo Castro on saxophone, Rose Gowen singing out-of-tune, William Garza on bass, Joel Munguia playing rhythm and John Villarreal in charge of setting up the equipment.

(And if Fred Martinez can get his signatures approved, he will also be competing for District 3.)

After six years with Tony Martinez as mayor, Brownsville isn't better off although the lawyer's compadres and cronies have done well at the taxpayers' expense. And the future doesn't look very bright as Martinez, protected by the Brownsville Herald, can cut deals with neither transparency nor accountability burdening this hypocritical Catholic with guilt. If only the dying daily were covering President Trump is the pipe dream of Donald's supporters.

Gowen, who married a gringo because most Mexican-Americans weren't worthy of her affections, has had no qualms about crawling in bed with the Machiavellian Martinez. His every wish has been her every command. She has turned her head time and time again as Martinez's outrages have reinforced her opinion that to the victor goes the spoils.

Nevertheless, in her reelection for commissioner-at-large B, (some say) she is the early favorite against the populist Castro. The establishment supports her and she will experience no lack of financing. Castro, who barely lost in a recent BISD contest with more than 10,000 votes and finished third in a large field for mayor two years ago, will have to prove that his grassroots strategy can overcome the elite's conventional approach to politics.

Incumbent Commissioner Villarreal representing district four, who has done nothing in six years except applaud the mayor, is asking the electorate to give him the opportunity to prove that a politico can accomplish nothing in a decade. The Baker Boys have been unable to prove if Villarreal has consummated his marriage. They suspect that his new Islamic look is an indication that he considers sex dirty.

If anyone is exciting the public, it is ex-Municipal Judge Neece who believes that Brownsville has a future that will save this downtrodden town from being indistinguishable from Matamoros. In reviving downtown, Neece believes that Brownsville's future rests in its past. In order to prevail, he has to defeat Villarreal in the latter's backyard.

Debbie Portillo waited until the last minute to declare she wouldn't seek reelection in district three. The McHale Report disclosed a month ago that she wasn't interested in another term. Unlike her colleague Jessica Tetreau, Portillo is educated, attractive and articulate, but like Tetreau whose face should adorn a bottle of rotgut moonshine, Portillo has done nothing of significance. She will not be missed.

Garza, whose face resurfaces every two years once again lisping for a vote, supported Martinez two years ago when he had a chance to make a statement. Of course, Garza has never made a statement. He tried to convince El Rrun Rrun's Juan Montoya to show him a little love at Neece's recent pachanga. The cheapskate Garza expects the press to provide him with free advertising. Nothing worse that a candidate who whines that he doesn't have money.

The special interests will support Munguia who married a Matamoros princess but dirtied himself associating with disgraced Congressman Solomon Ortiz. He is an insurance agent who despite his many negatives does count on a few positives.

With the horses in the stalls, the editorial staff at The McHale Report doesn't have to see the candidates break from the gate. We are putting our money on Neece and Munguia and rooting for Castro. (But remember, this is Brownsville, so Garza cannot be counted out just yet.) Brownsville resembles a forlorn chick sitting at the bar at two in the morning. Fortunately for this hag, there are always politicians drunk with ambition.


Anonymous said...

Didn't all the Zavalettas/Zavaletas marry gringos/gringas???

Anonymous said...

Anyone who can be elected to public office in Brownsville, should not be elected to public office in Brownsville.

Anonymous said...

The incumbents are incompetent.
And even though the dog ate the stash, Villarreal has got to go.

Anonymous said...

That's true..even Pat Ahumada