Wednesday, February 22, 2017


By Juan Montoya
This time, her supervisors put up with her for only a year.
Previously, before she took the job as executive director of the Harlingen Convention and Visitors Bureau also serving as the city’s public information officer, she had left a similar position at the the office of the Cameron County District Attorney's Office stating she left for "personal advancement."

Image result for melissa zamora, landinAnd before that, when she left the position of administrative assistant for Cameron County Judge Carlos Cascos, she left under similar circumstances. Fellow staff members said she had demanded Cascos name her in charge of the office when he left town and that he had refused.

This time, Harlingen City Manager Dan Serna told the Valley Morning Star that Melissa Landin (AKA Zamora) was fired Friday for “insubordination or other disrespectful conduct,” according to the city’s notice of termination. Serna told the paper that details of the firing were confidential and that he didn't "discuss personnel-related matters.”

The newspaper reported that city’s termination notice states Landin “refused to follow (Serna’s) instructions” on Jan. 17 for preparations for Mayor Chris Boswell’s State of the City address on Feb. 3. “You were confrontational and clearly stated your refusal to follow the directions of the city manager,” the notice states. “(T)his type of behavior is unacceptable at any level.”

Landin served as executive director of the Convention and Visitors Bureau, charged with promoting the city for tourism. She also worked as public information officer, serving as the city’s media liaison.

The City of Harlingen administration had preciously allowed her to rescind a previous resignation, and that they had relented after she changed her mind and withdrew it. In the termination notice, Serna refers to Landin’s previous resignation.

“This is not the first time that this kind of behavior has happened,” the notice states. “Previously, you had resigned your position and later changed your mind. The city manager was willing to give you another opportunity to fit into the management team but the incident described above convinces me that this is not going to be possible.”

Landin was hired as PIO at a salary of $47,500 in January, 2016, and boosted her salary to $61,500 when she took the CVB executive director’s job about a month later.

Image result for melissa zamora, landinReporter Fernando del Valle reported that the city was withholding the release of Landin’s response letter to the city, requesting Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to determine whether the city was required to release it as a public record.

Landin did not sign the termination notice.

“Because I had never so much as had a warning, I asked administration to specify. They did not and would not,” Landin wrote in a text message. “In fact, I have numerous emails and texts complimenting my work from administration, fellow directors, other staff and community members.”

Although she did not disclose which "community members" endorsed her performance, it probably includes DA Luis V. Saenz and his chief investigator George Delaunay. But it probably does not include any from her immediate supervisors.


Anonymous said...

Now Melissa is going to blame Zeke Silva for her getting fired. Most likely Luis Saenz is going to hire her back. IF Luis hires her back there will be no doubt in anyone mind they had something going on. Either he did or his Chief Investigator George did.

Melissa was overheard by Luis Saenz staff calling him Stupid when he gave her an order. No one could believe after that kind of disrespect he gave her a recognition. The halls of the DA were saying the only reason he didn't fire her after she called him Stupid in front of everyone was because there has something other than professional relationship going on. Only married couples or boyfriend or girlfriend speak to each other like that. Well maybe the sanchas do. Either way the DA Luis Saenz should have fired her immediately on the spot for insubordination and disrespecting him and the office. But noooo he turns around and gives her a recognition like couples do when they make up.

She is not leadership material. Never has never will. It hasn't been a year. More like 10 months.

Anonymous said...

The backstabbing bitch is getting a karmic kick in the ass.

Anonymous said...

Melissa is an "airhead" and should never have been given any position of authority. Don't think Luis Saenz will hire her again...his ship is already under water. Some of us think she will end up being hired by Rene Oliviera for his next election. As city commissioner, Melissa demonstrated her loyalty to this scumbag, by intervening with police to protect Oliviera from a drunk driving accident on the frontage road near Cheddars. She was on his campaign staff then, and seems that as Oliviera faces possible challenges in his next campaign....he will seek her counsel....or whatever else she provides to her bosses.

Anonymous said...

She is going to run for county clerk !!!!!

Anonymous said...

We and I helped her when she was a nobody in politics and we got her elected even gave her money out of my own pocket for her campain she was broke.I asked her for one small favor and mean small favor 3 yrs later never asked her For anything before and she didn't even answer my calls , Karma baby karma!!

Anonymous said...

Melissa has Luis Saenz by the balls..Everyone knows they have had a thing going on for quite sometime. A divorce is in the works, Melissa is evil.

Anonymous said...

So that's what happens when formerly hot babes get old and fat. No longer able manipulate their bosses with T&A oops

Anonymous said...

Karma is a BITCH Melissa.

Anonymous said...

by the balls... is that figuratively or literally?

Anonymous said...

"Spread 'em" doesn't always work

Fustrated Harlingenite said...

In Harlingen you never know who is telling the truth? Serna is Boswell's puppet and Serna loves it because his paycheck buys more beer. Knowing Serna, he probably tried to get into Melissa' open door? Just like he documented in her termination letter, she' done this before. Well, all those who know her? Knows that she loves to spread her legs opne especially when she has been drinking. But then again in Harlingen, when you don't kiss asss or pass it? You get fired! Melissa ought to see about a lawsuit? Since it is history that Harlingen likes to fire people and then settle after dragging it out to make it look like they're defending their interest. To me don't care since Boswell and Serna have the taxpayers of harlingen paying for unnecessary projects.

Anonymous said...

To pass ass is that like farting?