Saturday, February 4, 2017


By Juan Montoya

"Sometimes you win a few. lose a few..."
With that cavalier brush aside, Cameron County District Attorney LuisV. Saenz characterized the year-long legal ordeal he put Tax Collector-Assessor Tony Yzaguirre and his family and five other tax office employees.
Yzaguirre was acquitted of 15 charges after the first eight were also dropped by the court. And so the ordeal that began on January 2016 finally came to a close when the nine-women. three-man jury found him not guilty.

The other five employees – Pedro Garza, Omar Sanchez Paz, Chief Lt. Joe Mireles, and office workers Marisol Sifuentes and Claudia Elsa Sanchez – still could face prosecution individually, according to Saenz.

The high-profile case garnered massive media attention and Yzaguirre's lawyers requested a change of venue to Nueces County. Political observers say that the arrests coming just a few months before the runoff between Carlos Masso and Saenz pushed the incumbent over the top.

"Se dio un levanton en Harlingen," recalled a former county commissioner who was supporting Saenz. "That carried him over the top."

This loss, coming after other high-profile case against Marco Antonio Gonzalez who was acquitted of murdering Ivan Reyes, gives Saenz a poor win-loss record in high-profile cases. Just recently, a Border Patrol agent charged with capital murder and homicide, was acquitted of the charges.

During his election speeches, Saenz would tell his listeners that he was born to prosecute. In fact, it's hard to remember when the last time was that he personally has tried any case. In the end, unlike the Amit Livingston case, this time Saenz could not pull a win out of the hat.


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Saenz needs to stop talking about ending CORRUPTION! He is one of the most CORRUPT POLITICIANS in the County. This man runs his office with a vindictive approach. He waste county funds for cases like Yzaguirre's. He puts too much time and effort into working his political agendas and doesn't focus on true criminals. He works his deals with local attorneys and judges to continue his criminal acts by allowing known convicts such as the CI Sosa to get away with crimes. He lost an opportunity to put a known drug trafficker (Sosa) behind bars all because he wanted to stick it it to Yzaguirre. Shame on you Mr. DA. You are deplorable and hopefully your acts and lack there of in certain cases gets the attention of the FBI and the DOJ. Do yourself and the residents of Cameron County a favor and remove yourself from the scrutiny and resign before you rack up more acts of misuse of power and judicial MISCONDUCT.

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If he runs again, Louis is going to need to pull more than his ass out of the hat.

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Luis Saenz personally prosecuted mayor Pat Ahumada and lost. This was another case that cost taxpayers money when he did not have a case. Political prosecution to get attention is becoming obvious.

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Could it be the that the jury is a reflection of our citizenship and don't know right from wrong?

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The jury looked at the evidence presented in trial and made the right decision to find Mr. Yzaguirre Not Guilty! The case did not present evidence to support the theory; which is all the DA and the DPS Investigator Rene Olivares had from the beginning until the end. You can not convict someone on theory. Thank goodness the jury had the good sense to see through the true law breakers in this case. The DA and Rene Olivares misused their authority to make the arrest to begin with and all you people are blinded by Luis's lies.

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No yzaguirre is a thief ! Plain and simple and you know it but we hope he is of his high horse because I still think he is guilty and so do the people , he is a disgrace man

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San Benito police chief committed perjury when trying to suspend an officer for threee days. that officer won when attorneys found galvan being dishonest on his reports and documentations. the case was sent to DA Saenz and he said their were no elements to charge Galvan with his dishonesty during the arbitration. HMMMM? Shady Saenz. THROW THAT TROMPAS DE CATFISH BACK IN THE RESACA!!! ANIMO RAZA!!!