Friday, March 17, 2017


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The witnesses who saw the horrific crash where an elderly man died, said that he had no chance.
The accident happened at about 8 p.m. near the Family Dollar on Boca Chica and and involved three cars. A white truck Ford F-150 drove into oncoming traffic, and only the rapid response by a man and woman in its path prevented them from being hit.

Instead, the truck allegedly being driven by Marving Andres Resendez Zumaya plowed at about 545 to 50 miles per hour into a beige truck with an elderly driver who was unable to move out of his way in. The impact was such that the man's truck jumped into the the curb.  This caused another vehicle to crash into the elderly man's truck, pinning the vehicle. Witnesses say that the white truck did not brake or attempt to move out of way.

The man's name was not released.
A man driving just two cars back from the man's car went to try to provide assistance.

"When I arrived, to the elderly man's truck, she was non-responsive. I, and several others tried, but were unable to remove him from vehicle due to damage to truck body," said the witness.

"It was horrible. He was pinned between steering wheel and seat, and showed no no sign of life," he said, still stunned by the tun of events. "No others were in the in vehicle. I checked on drivers behind her in the other car and both driver and passenger were fine." 

When he went to the white truck that had struck the man's car, two onlookers standing by it said the vehicle was empty. One of the onlookers calmly crossed the street, until someone stated he was the driver. 

At this point, the man fled the scene and two others chased after him. At about this time the emergency vehicles arrived on the scene and had to use hydraulic Jaws of Life machine to pull his remains from the mangled truck.

Brownsville Police Department officers found the suspect hiding in a tree by the projects on Boca Chica Blvd around 9 p.m. and he was sent to the hospital via an ambulance. He was later charged with criminal negligent homicide and an accident involving death, 


Anonymous said...

Life is a "chance" thing, juan. Not al make it to a ripe old age. God took this woman. It was her time, bro. That's all.

Anonymous said...

I am not defending anyone that kills another human being but, I hope Brownsville residents and Brownsville PD notice that people CROSS WALKING major streets. Many times they do it not in corners, not by lights but right in the middle like they do downtown. One time, I remember being in a traffic jam about 11:30 am in the boca chica intersection by "El Pollo Loco" and an old man crossed the major street with a LOT of traffic and he was carrying a stroller and walking really slow; the light turned green and we all had to stop because the man was crossing the street. When you hit a pedestrian you need to stop and render assistance but how many times the pedestrian is at fault? Especially here in our town. We still see people asking for money by the expressway and there is a city ordiance that prohibits that. I have yet to see Brownsville PD pick up any of those people because they continue doing it. Ah, but they do unite and get together because they don't get the working hours they want.

Anonymous said...

This life was taken because of the negligence of another person. While the family of the deceased grieves, lets hope the courts put the negligent driver away for a long time.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 4:31. Since it's Luis Saenz prosecuting ;I wouldn't bet on it. He's probably going to offer this idiot driver probation and an apology . Sad.

Anonymous said...

Face of an illegal wettie. More fucking Mexican trash here on our side who can't read or drive. Red light = stop. Oh wait, they can't follow instructions. Surprise.

Anonymous said...

Forget Cameron County justice. Rope him up, tie him to a horse, and drag his ass around town. Justice the Wild West way!

Anonymous said...

Was it a "she" or a "he" since the article confuses people. May that person "RIP" and may this wettie be prosecuted to the fullest. El puro nombre dice que es del otro lado del Puente sin papels. If Trump sends people down here, the population in Brownsville will decrease by half.

As for the panhandlers, the other day I saw one approach the car next to a Sheriff Dept car at the Corner of Boca Chica and South Frontage
and I honked at the officer and pointed to the dangerous looking guy approaching cars and he just drove off. Why do we have ordinance that are not enforced. I am going to try to take a camel down town and see if law enforcement will stop me, since I understand this 1800's ordinance is still in the city charter. And yes, they do complain about having to work at their job los pobrecitos. Get to work and use the cars to patrol instead of having them parked at homes as they are used as "take home units." Lawless Brownsville.