Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Rio Bravo and Valley Crossing Pipeline Route Maps. Both start at the Aqua Dulce Hub northwest of Kingsville and go to the Port of Brownsville. 
The Rio Bravo Pipeline stops there but the Valley Crossing Pipeline continues on under the Brownsville Ship Channel, under South Bay, over Brazos Island, and then under the Gulf waters to the US-Mexico border where it connects with the Sur de Texas-Tuxpan Pipeline going into the Mexico.

The Brownsville Navigation District Board of Commissioners will consider granting Valley Crossing Pipeline a lease at tonight's meeting. Several groups have protested the commissioners' consideration of the lease and will be there at tonight's meeting to oppose it.

The meeting will be held in the Training Room located at The Port of Brownsville Police Command Center, 2993 N. Indiana Avenue, Suite B, Brownsville, st 5:30 p.m.


Anonymous said...

I hope our elected officials at the Port remember one thing.

That Hernandez OP 10 33 guy from Houston tried to ram LNG down our throats when he funded those contenders against you all and lost. Promising jobs jobs jobs expansion blah blah blah, tried to elect puppets on the Port to support LNG.

The people and voters who live here are the ones who rejected them all, because WE will be drinking the cancer water when the pipes leak and WE do not want the Port or South Padre to resemble the disgusting refinery wasteland at Corpus. WE do not want to have polluted water that acid burns your skin and that requires bottled water to be shipped in because the tap and the shower and the lakes are undrinkable toxic waste, as is happening in Corpus.

YOU will lose re-election so fast it will make your head spin if you now decide to support this. I hope you got the message from the last election loud and clear. The voters who always and reliably turn out to vote every Port election DO NOT want LNG, the pollution or refineries near our homes or water supply. WE specifically rejected OP 10 33 and their Matamoros advisors promising pollution in exchange for the lining of the pockets of a few.

Anonymous said...

Erasmo Castro was spotted ogling the foot-long sausages at HEB. Vato gordiflon y culero. Ponte a dieta, desgraciado!

Anonymous said...

Tad Hasse leaked the Baez story to the Herald, Juan. back-stabber!

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile Minnie Peña BISD's chief RAT continues to eat..... eat... and eat weiners

Anonymous said...

Anon 8 March, who the hell are u? Yr threats to punish commissioners at the ballot box rings hollow. If they loose it won't be because they cared about all jobs LNG will bring.

Anonymous said...

I hear LNG advertising in Matamoros promising jobs to the illegals too.

Ever notice how the people in Matamoros never throw their trash in a garbage can? If it's an empty soda can, they throw it on the grass. If its a candy wrapper, they drop it right there in the street, even if there's a trash can 2 feet away. They won't use it. They've got streets full of trash but empty trash cans. They dump raw sewage in their beaches and don't understand why tourists won't go there. They describe America and Americans as "clean". They apparently have no concept of why it matters to maintain a clean living space around themselves.

This is where the OP 10 23 dumbasses went wrong. Investors, business owners, shrimpers, fishermen, hotels, families who bought real estate on the Port and South Padre, the park servicemen, coast guard, ie WE THE VOTERS who vote every single election in Port races, will NOT tolerate the Mexicanization of our beautiful CLEAN homes, our kids health and investments clogged up by a polluting refinery, smokestacks and the inevitable pipe leak that makes the water burn your skin and the shrimp and fish to die off and float onto the beaches in huge smelly piles of rotting waste. WE ARE NOT MATAMOROS. WE DO NOT THINK LIKE MATAMOROS PEOPLE AND WE DO NOT VOTE LIKE MATAMOROS PEOPLE. WE DO NOT SHIT WHERE WE EAT. WE DO NOT POLLUTE OUR BEACHES AND STILL EXPECT TOURISTS TO KEEP COMING TO OUR RESTAURANTS AND HOTELS. WE DON'T DUMP POISON ON OUR DYING SHRIMP POPULATION, WE DON'T POISON OUR FISH, WE DON'T POISON OUR KIDS, WE DON'T INVITE CANCER ONTO OUR PEOPLE.

WE the VOTERS who put our money down here are committed to our way of life. Which is a CLEAN way of life. Notice how we chose NOT to put our money down, invest, or buy homes near a filthy wasteland shithole of LNG refineries like Corpus Christi or Matamoros. We chose the PORT because of sunsets and fishing and clean beaches and BBQ. And we VOTE, as evidenced by the complete ass whipping of OP 10:33 and their lame "but LNG is jobs!" candidates and their promised filth.