Wednesday, June 7, 2017


By Juan Montoya
By now we have become inured to the bleating and whining of the dean of the "Dean" of the 37th Texas State Representative district.
We speak, of course, of the right honorable Rene Oliveira.

Rene was born with a silver ladle in his mouth and his destiny to be the state rep was made before he was born. His college and university chums remember him telling them about his planned destiny to get a law degree, get elected to state office and stay there to fulfill it. As the heir of a politically influential middle-class Hispanic family, he felt it was his fate to govern on the people's behalf.

Now, 33 years after he first took office in Austin, we are hearing the same tired refrain from Oliveira: that he is not finished doing his job, that there are many uncompleted projects for his district, that he feels obligated to fulfill his responsibilities to the people of the district.

All those are noble sentiments, of course. But we have gotten to know Oliveria somewhat differently. It serves no purpose to repeat the common knowledge of his penchant for a well-shaped leg or his insatiable predilections for a taste of the grape and draught at local establishments where libations are sold.

He and local State Sen. Eddie Lucio were ready to turn their backs on Texas Southmost College and
allow it to be devoured by the UT System and if it had not been for a plucky majority on the TSC board and their own colleagues in Austin, would have done so.

So how long does a person need to be in that office before it can safely be said that he has done all he can and leave; 10 years, 20, 30, or until you pry his cold dead fingers from the wallets of the PACs and special interests that have kept him there in office?

Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr., another political perennial, makes his point that he owns the office because of his personal relationship with the Republican-controlled House and Senate and the governor and is a personal friend of most office holders in Austin because of his longevity. He has held that office since 1991, a period of 27 years. He, also, claims he has many things left unfinished and isn't ready to go out to pasture quite yet.

Yet, neither of these "deans" of their district have been able to stop the Republican steamroller from implementing that party's brand of right-wing craziness that sees the state mired in questions about who can use the boys and girls wee-wee rooms, constantly seeks to do an end-run on the Supreme Court's upholding of Roe vs. Wade, pass – upon punishment – draconian laws outlawing so-called "sanctuary cities," and prosecuting law enforcement if they don't toe the line. In fact, Lucio not only supported the state's push to banish women's abortion rights, he can claim the dubious honor that he sponsored a law that requires doctors in the state to see a movie that lauds the benefits of adoption over abortion.

Last year, this Mexican Puritan gave Republicans the right to run roughshod in the senate and cast the deciding vote to give them a free hand. Over the cries of Democrats, he cast the deciding vote to allow the GOP-run Texas Senate to break from an almost 70-year tradition intended to encourage compromise among its 31 members.

Instead, it now takes only 19 senators instead of 21 to bring legislation to the floor for debate.
The change — passed on a vote of 20-10 — had the practical effect of allowing Republicans to consider a bill without a single vote from one of the chamber's 11 Democrats.
Republicans had targeted the tradition known as the "two-thirds rule" for years and did not get their wish until Lucio caved in to his "friends."

Fighting to preserve the rule, Democrats said the change would strike a blow to the democratic process.
“I think it’s a sad day for the Senate, and one that we will look back on with regret,” said state Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston.

Oliveira – while cloaking himself with the mantle of tolerance and women's rights – has managed to get his share of babes here and in Austin, using his influence with local law enforcement to get himself out of alcohol-induces scrapes during his escapades.

We expect that both these ineffective slugs will once again ask the electorate in their particular jurisdictions to return them to Austin so they can "finish the job" that they feel they must accomplish before they get their fill of the good life in "weird" Austin.

And the sad thing is that the voters – the minuscule percentage that vote – will once again return them to Austin to continue working for themselves. Only a catastrophic illness or a completed life expectancy will rid us of these political parasites.


Anonymous said...

You propped up thee losers for years, juan! No mames, guey!

Anonymous said...

So what?!!!! Voters love these guys!!! Shit, so what?!!!!

Anonymous said...

Juanito, que esta pasando end BISD, muchos cambios de pricipales.

Anonymous said...

Eddie Lucio, Jr., Eddie Lucio (The Turd) and Rene Oliviera have all sold their votes to special interests in Texas and are more corrupt than any current local politician...other than Sheriff Omar Lucio. These Democrats don't represent the people here, they represent themselves. Just go look at Eddie Lucio, Jr's house....on a $7200 a year Senate salary???????????? And his son, The Turd, hopes to move up to the Senate to replace his pappy....and where does his money come from....special interests....or selling his vote. Then there is Rene Oliviera....the fastest tongue in the West, according to one lady of ill repute. Will he really marry Captain Bob's X wife????? Me think not.

Anonymous said...

Eddie's house is just a normal living quarter and not a mansion like so many believe. What makes it neat is the property and it's upkeep. And remember that he also has a TRS check for when he was a teacher and his wife worked all her life. There are people who are on food stamps, from Mexico, who have never worked a day in their lives and have much bigger and better houses in the Southmost area.

Anonymous said...

Las Dos Ratas de DOS PATAS....Brownsville's finest!!!!!Lucio (SUCIO) and Oliveira (La PERRA).

Anonymous said...

Cada año hay movimientos de principales/maestros en BISD, no veo que tenga de raro.
no vean cosas donde no las hay.

Anonymous said...

Lucio and Oliveira should introduce a bill limiting term limits.

If you can't finish your job in 20 + years, your doing a lousy job.

Hundreds of start-up companies were founded, grown and taken public creating millions of jobs, revenue and taxes and this guy can't finish his job?? SMH

Anonymous said...





Anonymous said...

Principals who linger on in one campus forever, believe they own the campus and that no one can do anything to them. The changes are also needed if a
particular campus needs leadership skills. I understand most of the changes but I can not help but wonder why a certain lady at one of the southmost area elementaries, who treats people like she is above everyone has not been moved. She is a dictator who does as she pleases and is good about brown-nosing people in order to keep her job. The problem is that the teachers at that elem do not have the guts to file a complain. Maybe some of the middle school teachers next door who witness her rudeness should do the complaining.

Our contracts all have " or as assigned by the superintendent" who is the only one who can move them around. When we sign the contract we understand that is a part of it, so why act so surprised?

Anonymous said...

Rene looks looks longingly into Eddie's eyes.

He whispers in a deep voice to his buddy.

"Just don't say a fucking thing about the car wreck, I know everything about the Bridge to nowhere".

cantinflas said...

Self serving politicians- serving themselves and their families thats all at taxpayers expense. But its the voters choice so hey no crying allowed. period