Friday, July 28, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Remember this picture taken by one of our seven readers Wednesday night at about 8 p.m. of a man dangling his legs of the edge of the six-story Wells Fargo building now to be used by Cameron County to house the justice of the peace offices, tax office, and other services?

Apparently, the man seen above and another companion had done this before because county officials say that they had used a hook to lower the fire escape ladder on the north side of the building and had climbed to roof for a look-see while their female companions sat on a bench on Elizabeth to watch and cheer them on. (See graphics. Click to enlarge.)

When asked about what security measures were in place to prevent a re occurrence, county officials said that the contractor in charge of the renovation of the building had put up fencing around the building, but that the trespassers had slid though the temporary fencing and fashioned a hook to lower the fire ladder.

Cameron County Pct. 2 Constable Abel Gomez said he had been put in charge of the second floor where the JPs will relocate from the courthouse on Harrison Street and the Dancy Building on Monroe. The outside, he said, would be someone else's responsibility since he lacked the manpower to supply it.

Meanwhile, the security for the first floor – the old bank lobby – will be provided by the county's international bridge security company, and the Tex Assessor-Collector's Office has none as of now.

When asked whether the county should provide outside security to prevent people from climbing to the roof and perhaps hurting themselves, the response was that the climbing on the building was an illegal act and shielded the county from potential lawsuits.

"These kids were doing something illegal," they replied. "We have fencing all around. They used some kind of tool to lower the ladder. As trespassers, they have no right to sue. The county has buildings all over. Are we supposed to put security guards on all of them? When Wells Fargo owned the building but were selling it, they did not have any security at all."

Meanwhile, some nearby merchants say this is not the first time that someone has climbed the building when the contractors have left for the day. The manager of the Palm Lounge, across the street, said that he often heard the clanking of the metal fire ladder when someone brought it down and climbed it.

"This isn't the first time that has happened," he said.


Diego Lee Rot said...

I bet the view up there is amazing!

Anonymous said...

Just as we expected....the finger pointing is ongoing and the bullshit level is rising. Obviously, there is no county security for this building....sort of like all the computers sold at the "pulga" with personal info of local citizens. The County has no plan and the citizens will ultimately pay for the lack of a plan.

Anonymous said...

If Constable Abel Gomez would use his reserves to secure the Wells Fargo building instead of putting at the Dog House night club, maybe we would not have this occur. Juanito, check on the legality of these reserves working night clubs instead of securing our buildings. Maybe the Sheriff Dep. can post someone there instead. Go Omar!!!

Anonymous said...

As one of your seven regular readers, what ever happened to the issue of finding Cameron County computers at the "pulga' with lots of personal information from the county offices??????????????????

Anonymous said...

Did they even meet the new Life Safety Codes ? Fire Escape stairs went out with the Beatles.