Tuesday, July 25, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Well, we were certainly put in our place after we posted that some "firefighters," (but not the rank-and-file) were behind the honorary ball to be given to U.S. Congressman Filemon Vela Jr.

When we posted that, one commenter called us "imbeciles" because we had not emphasized that it was a "leadership" ball, and not meant for the average Juan or Jose. We concede that we neglected to point that out. But now that it's been brought to our attention, there you are.

The dress code re rigueur is firefighter dress blues (black tie optional) and gowns for the babes. Firefighter tickets are $75 per couple and will go toward something called the Brownsville Fire Department Community Outreach Program, an unheard of entity that has been formed under new FD Chief Carlos Elizondo.

(At this juncture, we're not sure that Congressman Vela had a hand in the particulars concerning target audiences or crowd restrictions. Knowing him, he probably would have been more inclusive than this bunch.) 

Now, the firefighters' union says it knows nothing of the event. It seems that the bash has been planned by the head honchos of the Brownsville Fire Department and not by the rank-and-file. In fact, the The Brownsville Firefighters Association Local 970 say they have "no involvement" in the bash and that it's the first time they have heard of the so-called "The Brownsville Fire Dept. Community Outreach Program."

The BFFA Local 970 also says that none of their officers or members have been approached by the fire department administration about this fundraiser.

Further, the BFFA Local 970 cannot confirm in what form or fashion the funds raised for this event will benefit the community. However, the department's administration, starting with Elizondo, probably have an idea where the cash will go.

"We will refrain from endorsing this event under the current climate and circumstances. In addition, the word 'firemen' in any firefighter-related advertisement is also incorrect. Now the word 'firefighter' is used to include both genders," the union statement said.

So if you're not viewed as part of the city's "leadership," you might as well refrain from trying to crash the party. On the other hand, if you feel you must contribute to Elizondo's slush fund, you can buy an ad in their program. Prices start at $200 for half a page and $400 for a full page.

As the firefighters' union guys said, there is no way to know where the money is going. But we do know from reliable sources that when supporters of the six orphans left behind by the death of Janet Jimenez, 29, and her two-year-old, Yahel Ruben Cruz, who were stuck by a car as they walked along South Padre Island Highway called on Elizondo to see if the department could help in some way, they were sent on their way because he said they couldn't help them.

The media has reported that the unfortunate tragedy brought the Brownsville community together to help the victim's children.
This week, residents and businesses raised thousands of dollars to help out the six children, who lost their mother and brother.

George Gavito, who works for OP 10.33 and has been involved in a lot of the activities to raise money for the victim's family, says he and others stepped up because there are things the government can't help the children with.

"It's sad when somebody dies, but it's sadder when you have six little children that don't have anybody, and if we don't step up, the government can only do so much," said Gavito. "The government can give you food stamps. The government can give you a house, but the government can't give you love, and can't administrate all this for you," he added.

And neither can Elizondo's fire department, apparently.


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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Elizondo seems to have learned how to spend and hide money during his tenure as a BISD Board Member. No group knows how to waste money better than BISD. What's next, rings for all firemen?? Elizondo is a DICK....just needs a dimple in the top of his head and just another prick.