Wednesday, February 8, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Apparently heeding the maxim that only a fool represents himself in court, newly-hired city attorney Mark E. Sossi is now being represented by local attorney Anthony Troiani.
Sossi was counter-sued for custody of his six month-old child by his mother, a dancer he met at a local strip club. In Sossi's original petition filed January 18, he represented himself (pro se) and wanted the court to kick her and the child's two siblings out of his house, grant him custody of the boy and make the mother pay him child support.

Later, when she counter sued and asked the judge to test him for cocaine use, make him pay child support and attend classes on family violence, he enlisted the aid of former city commissioner (and candidate for U.S. rep) Anthony Troiani. Troiani appears as his counsel on Feb. 2 (see graphic, click to enlarge).

Now rumors are emerging from the depths of city hall that Sossi may have held out the promise of helping to make Troiani the next city prosecutor to replace Bobby Lerma who was made judge after presiding municipal judge Ben Neece retired in January by convincing city commissioners to choose him.

The city is advertising for a new city prosecutor to replace Lerma and the application period ends March 13. Sossi got the commissioners to change his status with the city during their January 17 meting. That means that he would become eligible (and his dependents) for benefits including medical insurance after a probation period. The next day, January 18, he filed for custody of the child.

If the rumors are correct that he has been lobbying to have Troiani be made prosecutor, it won't be the first time he has been accused of using public funds to pay off his private debts.

In a letter to city manager Charlie Cabler, Argelia Miller complained that Sossi had hired a firm to which he owed money from a court settlement.

That firm, Willette & Guerra, L.L.P.,  sued Sossi in the 357th District Court on June 27, 2002 for $150,000 and charged in their original petition that Sossi did not pay that amount to the firm as a result of work he performed for the partners.
The suit states that "Mr. Sossi was assigned to represent a client of the firms. (and) as a result of his involvement in the litigation, Mr. Sossi received payments of $150,000 from attorneys representing the plaintiffs in the litigation as a result of settlements with defendants other than the defendant represented by Willette & Guerra, L.L.P. These payments...were for legal services and were received at the time in which Mr. Sossi was employed by Willete & Guerra."

Further, the suit claims that "Mr. Sossi breached his fiduciary duty by not accounting...for the $150,000 he received. Instead of tendering the compensation to Willette & Guerra...Mr. Sossi intentionally retained it for his own use."

The suit was finally resolved in an agreed final judgment filed on October 25, 2004, and approved by the court on Nov. 1, 2004.
Under the terms of the agreement, Sossi agreed to pay Willette & Guerra the original $150,000 and an additional $17,363 in interest (at 5 percent) for a total of $167,363, plus court costs ($838.85) accrued by the plaintiffs.

In a letter to city manager Charlie Cabler, local resident Argelia Miller complained that Sossi had hired the firm to do city work after he became city attorney July 2009 and for the months following his appointment the city paid Willete & Guerra $37,209, then another $5,978.79, and another for $11,632.

Miller said Cabler never answered her letter.

Another party who said Sossi has ignored their calls and letters are the federal government revenuers with the U.S. Internal Revenue Service.
The IRS has filed at least six federal tax liens "on all property and rights to property belonging to (Sossi) in the amount of these taxes and additional penalties, interest, and costs that may accrue."

The total of the tax liens for unpaid taxes is a whopping $565,593.70.  

Sossi started to work as a contract attorney for the city in July 2009. The years covered by the tax liens stretch back to December 2009, December 2010, December 2012, December 2013, December 2014, and December 2015.

Are the rumors of Sossi running interference for Troiani true? Or has the leopard changed his spots?


Anonymous said...

geezes man, come on Brownsville.. really? this is the best we have, is this what we want?

We need to drain the resaca starting with Cabler then Sossi.

Anonymous said...

Coke addicts, potheads, herpes man. Sure lets keep hiring them and electing them. WRONG

Anonymous said...

Meh. I think Sossi just needed legal help with his custody case.

You report everything this dude does like there's some hidden conspiraciĆ³n wrapped in a mystery shrouded in an enigma behind his every move LOL. What for? IT'S getting WEIRD Juan TBH.

I respect what you do and the corruption you've exposed in the past but, I can't support you this time. You've gone too far. You are bullying a man for fighting for his kids. You are NOT fighting voter fraud or systemic corruption here, you are just tearing apart a family. Freely admit I am ashamed every time I see you've written another peice on this guy. It's pathetic. Like you forgot why you went into journalism and are just going for the easy clickbait, the family drama fodder, throwing chum in the water for the sharks. You know it. No honor or public good comes from this. I'm losing respect for you, sorry to say.

Anonymous said...

"We have heard that Sossi's selling point in his quest to be a a full-time city employee with all the benefits (including health insurance for his child) was that he would work for the city exclusively and do no outside work for any other clients.
This is one of the dumbest pieces of shit ever to draw breath.

Anonymous said...

There are better qualified attorneys out there that would do a much better job as city prosecutor, plus Troiani lives in Houston, Texas. How is that serving the taxpayers of Brownsville?

Anonymous said...

Dear Charlie Cabler, Please fire THE CITY ATTORNEY. We know you are a good man and you are the former commander of the BPD. The time has come for you to show leadership. Sincerely, A very concerned citizen

Anonymous said...

The latest picks for best on the present city commission. NOBODY, they all suck

chief cool arrow said...

nothing but pure plain sewage this sossi guy, can see why the mayor and city commissioner cant see that. pura cac. cca

Anonymous said...

Sossi is a DICK! He should be fired. What secrets does he keep for the city???????? His choice of Troiani as a defense attorney in his case us understandable. If we remember well, Troiani went through a dirty divorce with shouting, threats, and everything bad in ending a relationship.

Big worm said...

Because there part of the sewage

Anonymous said...

Troiani would make an excellent prosecutor. Remember him in court, when he used to prosecute with the DA. Bright guy, who had a heart.

Anonymous said...

same handful of anonymous crabs in a bucket. Tearing each other, their city, and everyone around them down.

They hate the commission, they hate the mayor, hate anyone in public service and hate anyone in authority. In a few instances it's merited, but like this article, just a few blog lemmings, in their la la land of imagined personal vendettas against strangers they have never met in person.

Anonymous said...

Sossi is Longoria and Charlie's bro.