Tuesday, March 7, 2017


By Juan Montoya
In what has now become a tedious maña, Sen. Eddie Lucio Jr. has again joined his conservative Republican colleagues in the Texas Senate to stop transgender people from peeing in the wrong bathroom.

Image result for eddie lucio sr., golferLucio was the only Democrat in the senate to support Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick's so-called "bathroom bill." Patrick and other Senate leaders predicted they now have the necessary votes to pass it through the upper chamber.

Lucio joined North Carolina Lt. Gov. Dan Forest who along with Patrick have started a drive to get a million Texas churchgoers to voice their support to lawmakers.

Lucio has turned out to be more Catholic than the Pope since even as some Senate Republicans still are reported to be wavering.Viewed as discriminatory by transgender advocates and an economic disaster by business interests who say it will drive off investments and sporting events, Senate Bill 6 is slated for a public hearing on Tuesday before the Senate State Affairs Committee.

Eddie, who is best known for his ineffectiveness in bringing economic development to his senate district, his bow ties, and golfing knickers, has joined Republicans in the past who have passed strong anti-abortion laws only to have them declared illegal by federal courts. But that hasn't deterred Eddie who believes he'll burn in hell if he doesn't toe the line with the church.

It's funny how Lucio has consistently focused on bills and issues associate with the genital areas of men and women, but has allowed special interests in the state to rape his constituents. He was in favor of allowing Texas Southmost College to be swallowed up by the voracious UT System until he got the word from ranking committee members in the Legislature that they would not permit it.

And while he made the customary noises about protecting women's health, he voted along with the Republicans to deny poor women in the Valley access to reproductive rights, including the constitutionally protected right to end a pregnancy for their own personal reasons. If the Republicans had their way, even women who were the victims of rape and incest would be denied the ability to terminate the pregnancy.

Last year, Lucio gave Republicans the right to run roughshod in the senate and cast the deciding vote to give them a free hand .

Over the cries of Democrats, the Texas Senate voted to break from an almost 70-year tradition intended to encourage compromise among its 31 members.
Instead, it now takes only 19 senators instead of 21 to bring legislation to the floor for debate.
The change — passed on a vote of 20-10 — had the practical effect of allowing Republicans to consider a bill without a single vote from one of the chamber's 11 Democrats.

Lt. Gov. Patrick had targeted the tradition known as the "two-thirds rule" since he first entered the Legislature in 2007.
Fighting to preserve the rule, Democrats said the change would strike a blow to the democratic process.

“I think it’s a sad day for the Senate, and one that we will look back on with regret,” said state Sen. Rodney Ellis, D-Houston.
In the past, senators have used the rule to scuttle measures on voter identification, abortion and redistricting.

But thanks to Lucio, now the Democrats can't fight education cuts, the militarization of the border, rejection of midwife-issued birth certificates and other issues important to his district's overwhelming Democratic constituents.

Now he has entered the fray to make sure that people pee in bathrooms based on "biological" birth, not gender identity.
Lucio's support means that Patrick now has 18 of the 19 votes needed to get the measure through the Senate.

As usual, Lucio characterized the bill as a Christian and "compassionate" approach and addressed transgender students and their parents in his usual patronizing manner like a good monaguillo:
"Children, you and parents in these difficult situations deserve compassion, sensitivity and respect without infringing on legitimate concerns about privacy and security from other students and parents," Lucio said. He characterized the bill as "a just and compassionate approach."

If you see Lucio around town, pee on him.


Anonymous said...

Hopefully there will be credible challenges to the Lucio's and Rene Oliviera in the coming elections. These guys have done nothing for the citizens in their districts. Time to drain the swamp.

Anonymous said...

That's the problem with career politicians yet the valley loves making candidates into lifelong representatives. I.e. Solomon ortiz , Rene oliveira, eddie lucio JR, kike de la garza etc etc. There's nothing in it for their constituents just personal gain for these lifers

Anonymous said...

Eh, Juan, este pata rajada pronounces his last name "LUCCHIO"

Anonymous said...

In other words, se vende por un taco!

Anonymous said...

Drain the swamp ! He has done absolutely nothing for this district just for his pockets

Anonymous said...

Wait until a bearded, masculine person, born as a female, walks into the woman's room and get arrested for it. I guess they will have to let him go when he shows his vagina or proof of surgery. Where will he pee? As far as I'm concerned, put stalls with doors in all the restrooms and make them unisex. That will also solve the problem of parents of children of the opposite sex accompanying their child into the bathroom.

Anonymous said...

So now I have to deal with sick people who can't find their identity - Do we really have to accommodate for everyones fucked up mind?

Next thing you know we will need to allow people who think their dogs piss on your leg... fucked up people.

Anonymous said...

Wow! How did you get that last photo of the asshole convention?!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Lol...pee on Lucio

Anonymous said...

Mark my words that Minnie Weinnie will be running for one of the positions - Oliviera or Lucio. She is promising things to people already, just like she does on the BISD school board. Se cree la mera chingona con pantalones apretados de"when she used to work for the state." Boy, she thought she was the queen of the DPS and still thinks she is. Check out how she drives her Escalade using her cell phone all the time and eating with the other hand. I'd love a DPS patrol to stop her, especially in a
school zone. Minnie for legislator??? Que dicen?

Anonymous said...

Old Lucio is a born again Christian and Young Lucio has not been born again. Sometimes we use religion for self gratification or to get forgiveness for something big and bad that we have committed before hand. I say, Keep religion to yourself and stop trying to convert everyone.