Thursday, March 16, 2017


(Ed.'s Note: Even after repeated complaints from local business workers and city commissioners about the closing of East 11th Street from Elizabeth to Washington streets, the construction crew working on the new music and fine arts building continue to block off access to the thoroughfare.

Sometimes cars and pedestrian can pass and sometimes not. One city business owner wondered why 11th Street before you get to Elizabeth Street is blocked off to parking and traffic when the construction is going on in the block beyond Elizabeth. As can be seen in the photo above, there is no construction going on before you get to Elizabeth Street on 11th. So why is the parking and traffic blocked off? Is it to allow street people like the woman sleeping on the doorway a nice quiet place to rest?)


Anonymous said...

THINGS YOU SHOULD BE AWARE OF: Complaints from the poor fall on deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

This give the destroy culprit a chance to do his crime on the painting at the Capitol Theater, but what does Mr. Blue Jean Tony Martinez care as long as he is getting his mordida for his pet project no one will ever use.

kris said...

our city moving backwards

Anonymous said...

This is the bullshit we have to live with when the city manager hires his friends, relative and compadres to work for the city.

Anonymous said...

El vato no sabe ni hablar! He stutters and putters when he is in front of high ranking politicos and he and Tony are in their guayavera, the sleeveless jacket in 90 degree weather and blue jeans. What a model for our boy scouts who take over the city for a day. I bet they could do better than the actual official. Stop buying property and fix what we have. Es in vuerguenza driving down town and looking at our once historical beautiful buildings deteriorate with their burglar bars and bloches of all different colors of paint on them. Spend the money on beautifying those building and not buying buildings that are empty. I hear that another one will join them to become the 3 musketeers - Cabler, Martinez, and Figueroa or something like that. Let's keep OUR
young people in there like John Villarreal and De Leon. Get Gowen out but WHO will take her place, CASTRO? don't think so, so I guess we have to write in someone or re-elect La Chisca! The bike or better, la chiscada! The crazy. How many bikes has she counted using the bike lanes she has installed in the city. Another waste of money.
Who uses bike to go to work? If used for recreation, use them in a recreation place and not in the middle of 6th and 7th street. Todo son una bola de chiscados!!!!