Monday, May 15, 2017


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Published by David Rowlands
Editorial Asst. LNG Industry

Pasha Hawaii has announced that it has selected Keppel AmFELS to construct two new LNG-fueled container ships, with the option for two additional vessels.

Pasha Hawaii is based in Honolulu, whilst Keppel AmFELS is based in Brownsville, Texas, and is a subsidiary of Keppel Offshore & Marine (Keppel O&M). Pasha Hawaii claims that it is currently in the process of finalising contract specifications.

The US Jones Act vessels will carry 2525 TEUs, including a fully laden capacity of 500 45 ft containers, 400 refrigerated containers, and 300 40 ft dry containers, with a sailing speed of 23 knots. The first vessel is expected to be delivered in 1Q20, whilst the second vessel is expected to be delivered in 3Q20.

The President and CEO of Pasha Hawaii, George Pasha, IV, said: “Keppel O&M’s technical expertise in LNG propulsion and commitment to customer service were two very important factors in our selection decision.

“From the start, they went above and beyond and worked closely with us in customising a vessel design that matched our requirements. Their experience in LNG vessel conversions will also prove to be very valuable as we build LNG dual-fuelled vessels for the Hawaii trade.”

The containerships will operate entirely on LNG from their first day in service. Energy savings will also be attained through the use of a state-of-the-art engine, and optimised hull form, and an underwater propulsion system with a high efficiency rudder and propeller.

Pasha added: “As with the construction of our Jean Anne and Marjorie C, we look forward to working with an extremely qualified shipyard, based in the United States.

“Pasha Hawaii is a firm believer in the Jones Act, and is proud to support our shipyards and the highly skilled


Anonymous said...

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I guess in the 2,000 years between the construction of the first vessel and the building of the second vessel the technology will change significantly. It is good that both these companies are looking to the far future as they plan their business models.

Anonymous said...

Thank goodness Tony Martinez and the Brownsville city administration had nothing to do with this new business. Tony, as they say in Texas, is "all hat and no cattle".

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