Monday, June 19, 2017


By Juan Montoya
They showed up en masse at the Cameron County Commissioners Court early today to demand that the court reserve them the spaces they have occupied at the RV park at Isla Blanca County Park.
Some say that since they have occupied those spaces for years, that they ar entitled to have first dibs. And they point to the personal investment they ave made on their RV spots as evidence that they deserve special consideration.

Commissioners made no commitment to the protesters and said they would take their comments into consideration. The meeting was held at 8:45 today which means that the protesters had to wake up early and drive from the island to attend.

The county recently approved the construction of new facilities at Isla Blanca, and includes a renovation of the RV. Toward that end, they informed the current tenants that they would have to vacate the park until the construction work is done and then reapply for a space on a first-come, first-serve basis. At a recent meeting at the park, hundreds of them showed up to demand that the current tenants be given first choice to rent a space.

County Parks Director Joe Vega and County Administrator David Garcia would not commit to guarantee them anything, except to recommend their wishes to the commissioners. After that, it would be up to the court to decide how the rentals would be handled.

One woman this morning said she had been there for 30 years and had included the space to her son in her will. That prompted a meeting participant to ask the person next to him whether the woman cold produce a deed to the space so that she could will it.

Statistics provided the commissioners by the parks department indicate that roughly three-quarters of all summer reserved spots are from people outside Cameron County and that winter visitors are exclusively non-county residents. Additionally, a number of the current renters of RV spaces at the park are from neighboring Hidalgo County.

This prompted a county staffer to grumble that Hidalgo County had been gobbling up everything in sight over Cameron County.
"It's like early Texas with the squatters taking over," she said. "They seem to want everything. First they take the UTRGV-MED, then the Department of Transportation Training Center, and the district Postal Service Office, too. Now they want our parks as well?"

After the meeting the renters' group huddled outside the courthouse and planned their next strategy to protect what they consider their right to have first preference on the new RV spaces that will be constructed at the park.    


Anonymous said...

Commissioner Sofie Benevidez is only listening to the outside Contractor.

Voters and users of the RV park mean nothing to her. Your in the
way for a new political donation, so keep quiet and forget this RV Park !

have you heard what the new rates for each space are ? $ 150 per day !

For the winter Texans the rate is $ 25

joe torrez said...

I can understand how some of this people feel, but they have to understand that this facility belongs to the citizens of the county. It doesn't belong to them, everyone deserves a chance to use it, it doesn't matter whether you had for years get though you're head it's not for you to say that you deserve it . It's just like when you make a reservation at a hotel, do you all always get the same room. You get what's available,everyone gets a shot at it. The system needs to change.

Anonymous said...

Get over it!! You don't own the land and are not entitled to it!! Move on with your lives citizens!! Nothing lasts forever that tit has dried out!!!

Anonymous said...

These guys rent the whole summer then rent out the spaces it will never be a perfect system but at least let someone else suck the titty move on people I want some too

Anonymous said...

The hell with those clowns!! Fucking free loading hippies!! Get them out!! I've known people who would love to rent an rv space but cannot because theses people are squatting every space out!!! Run them out!!! Time is up start packing!!!

Tarpon said...

Isla Blanca is a business that supports the entire county park system. Every one who uses any Cameron County park benifits from the money paid by the Isla Blanca residents. To this end, our county elders need to greatly expand this park to have more renters, more sure money for our county and all should be welcome, wether they be winter visitors or Willacy, Hidalgo or Starr or anyone. Do not kill the Golden Goose. All over Texas, county parks are dilapidated and closing due to money problems. Our park actually makes money and could make more.

Anonymous said...

Close the gates cuz state reoresentative nown knows there are ladies out there. Lock your trailers and put your dogs out. He will smell the women in what trailers they are snoring in.