Monday, June 19, 2017


By Juan Montoya
Call it slip of the tongue, but at the presentations section of the Cameron County Commissioners Court, the San Benito High School Health Occupations Students of America/Emergency Medical Technicians were being honored for their performance at a recent competition.

The whole team showed up and were being presented plaques of recognition for their high placement in recent competition. In April, the  Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) students placed third in the Health Occupations Students of America (HOSA) State Leadership Conference in Corpus Christi after competing in the Emergency Medical Technician Competition.
They have advanced to compete at the HOSA International Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida June 21-25, 2017. EMT instructor Jaime Ibarra reports that they are the first high school team to represent Texas and the Rio Grande Valley in EMT competition.

At this morning's meeting the team members who qualified for the EMT competition at the International Leadership Conference were recognized by the court and Pct. 3 commissioner David Garza, whose precinct includes San Benito, said the commissioners, including (County Judge) "Eddie Garcia and commissioner Alex Dominguez" were proud of their achievements.

There was a brief moment of silence until someone from the audience pointed out that it was County Judge Eddie "TreviƱo," not Garcia.
This prompted TreviƱo to thank the commissioner for "keeping me in mind."

Amid shouts of "Go Hounds," the students were presented with their plaques. Good luck to them on their upcoming competition. If they win, we're sure commissioner Garza won;t make the same mistake again.


Anonymous said...

Who gives a shit!!!! Write news, not garbage. eddie Garcia Trevino. It's the same pendejo, bro!!!!

Anonymous said...

this guy was driving on the expressway and he missed his exit, ahem, he got off on the next one.

big fucking deal.

Anonymous said...

@ June 19, 2017 at 12:58 PM

"this guy was driving on the expressway and he missed his exit, ahem, he got off on the next one."

Now I see why you do not STFU and write your own blog. With these writing skills you exhibit, I would keep my jornalero job.

Anonymous said...

Its OK, let just name David Pendejo Garza's wife from Dorothy to Maria De La lucha Villa!!!! Same Shit

Anonymous said...

Are these students going to get rings too? it seems is a better accomplishment than kicking a ball.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to these young people on their achievements and desire to be first responders. This would likely have gone un-noticed if the person in the "peanut gallery" had not verbally pointed it out. I am sure Eddie Trevino would have not mentioned it. Just another ass-kisser in the crowd.