Wednesday, July 26, 2017


From: Cameron County Justice of the Peace
Pct. 2, Place 3 Mary Esther Sorola

Dear Cameron County Residents,

Please be advised that starting on Monday July 31, 2017, our new office will be located at the old Wells Fargo Bank located at 835 W. Levee Street. The office telephones, fax number, and electronic mail addresses remain the same. Please feel free to call us at any time.

Starting today, we will start moving all the JP courts there and will continue through the weekend.

If you have business with our court, please be informed that the front-door entrance is through Levee Street. Our office will be located on the second floor of this beautifully remodeled building directly in front of the elevator. We're sure that you
will be very proud of the new office location.

Our county workers and our main contractor (Noble Contractors) and subcontractors have done a magnificent job in renovating it from its use as a leading financial institution in downtown Brownsville to one of the premier public buildings in Cameron County. This new addition to the downtown area will surely be an anchor of renovation for our city.

I want to make you feel that this is your building and that our doors remain open for any business you may have to conduct through it. Toward that end, I welcome everyone to visit this, your office. My staff and I look forward to continue serving you, the people of Cameron County, fairly and impartially as we always have.

My gratitude to all the county officials who made this new facility possible. And most of all to you, the residents of our county who have supported us and our county commissioners in this endeavor.


Anonymous said...

Rene Oliveira only memory will be as a homewrecker and a state official that led on half a dozen women cuz of his title only to destroy their lives. Bad guy. Do not vote for him

Anonymous said...

You know what.... It is so disgusting for us men to live in same area as Rene Oliveira. First of all, he is so ugly, then he disrespects families and women, then he does nothing significant for our district. He drives around in a black caddilac financed by lobbyist money. He over eats at Cobbleheads and Maidera. He constantly sweats and greases up. One shakes his hand and it is sticky and wet. He gallavants around town like he is money man self made but in reality the poaition pays 7200 per year but he corners lobbyist for votes to line his pockets. Ladies and gentlemen, rene oliveira is not a man. He is a moocher.

Anonymous said...

The Irony of this, is that, that beautiful building was bought by the County, for the same or less price our beloved Mayor paid for the Casa Nylon. still LHAO (Laughing his ass off) on the way to the bank.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your new office you deserve the best you are a hardworking judge ! Keep up the amazing work

Isaac Montes said...

This is sad because of the bad moderation. This announcement is great. Now all three JP's are together. Hopefully the county will assign one clerk for all three so each gets the same amount of work. As to weddings, everyone will have to go to this new facility to get married so each will have equal access. This is great news for Brownsville and all the trolls can do is say the same old garbage about Olievera. How sad.

Bobby WC

Anonymous said...

Rene Oliveira es un Chingon, Raza. Quien lo critica claramente es un envidioso, un calson mugroso!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Estas pero bien pendejo, Oliveira no vale madres igual que tu